One thought on “53 cm”

  1. 53 CM is the story of a young woman's struggle to find her identity through a maze created by the bureaucracy and the attitudes defining the French State's categorization of ethnicity, that is to say the institutional racism that one meets when one does not fall neatly into a check box the government uses to define who is French and who is not. The main character, Zara, is on a quest to obtain her "carte d'identite," her "identity card," which is the actual name of the National Identification ca [...]

  2. Great bizarre little tale of the trials of living in France as a non-French citizen. It is a shameless satire of Bessora's own experience as a biracial, binational enigma who draws the xenophobic exoticism from the motliest of crews in Paris. She weaves a story with poetry, erudition, and humor reminiscent of Twain, Rabelais, Kafka, Vian, and Jarry. French readers who have ever tasted the ugly process of French immigration, even study abroad, will delight in this novel. For advanced readers and [...]

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