Clover, Vol. 01

Clover Vol If you find a four leaf clover It will bring happiness Butdon t tell AnyoneWhere its white flowerbloomsOr how many leaflets from its stem extend The four leaved clover I only want your happiness know

  • Title: Clover, Vol. 01
  • Author: CLAMP
  • ISBN: 9781892213662
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you find a four leaf clover,It will bring happiness Butdon t tell AnyoneWhere its white flowerbloomsOr how many leaflets from its stem extend.The four leaved clover.I only want your happiness, knowingI can never be yours to share it.

    One thought on “Clover, Vol. 01”

    1. Las CLAMP se pasaron con este manga para mi gusto. Hace años que estoy medio obsesionada con la estética minimalista que le hicieron, y sumado a los dibujos hermosos, el estilo steampunk y lo bonita que es la edición en general (tiene cubierta de papel vegetal) no puedo ponerle menos nota, a pesar de que me hubiera gustado un poco más de desarrollo al comienzo.La historia es un tanto brusca en la primer mitad pero después despega y se empieza a entender lo que está pasando. Ya se nota que [...]

    2. I'm a longtime CLAMP fan, but I haven't read manga lately as much as I used to. Clover #1 suffers, in my opinion, from some pretty glaring flaws in terms of its storytelling.The story is disjointed and simplistic. The dialogue boxes float around randomly, with no tails, and it’s often hard to figure out who is saying what. This could be a mark of bad translation, bad characterization, or both. The song lyrics that run throughout the narrative are somewhat insipid, and they’re repeated so muc [...]

    3. Clover is… definitely a strange manga. When I first read the reviews for this, I didn’t think it could be as bad as most people said it was. Coming from CLAMP, I believed it would be of the same calibre as Tokyo Babylon, Vol. 1 – which is a manga I highly recommend, by the way.Unfortunately, I was wrong. The plot… I want to say it’s unique but to be quite honest, I didn’t understand what the plot was. It seems to jump around a lot, not quite finishing one line before it slips into th [...]

    4. Solo 4 volumi, paesaggi tristi e atmosfere desolate, pochissimo dialogo perchè allora è così intenso?? Ma come fanno!!!Solo le Clamp potevano dar vita a questa magia, una serie malinconica che ti lascia qualcosa dentro alla fineHo dovuto rileggerlo diverse volte visto che la storia parte dal presente per tornare lentamente agli eventi passati e ogni volta scopro una cosa in più!Uno dei loro lavori migliori, uno dei migliori di sempre!Eppure si dice che non sia terminato sarà vero? Certo che [...]

    5. ★☆☆☆☆½The constant repeating of Sue's song, Sue period!, not understanding what in the hell was going onybe it's me. Maybe I just don't read enough manga to understand this but

    6. Stupendo! Una delle opere migliori delle CLAMP, a mio avviso.Un vero peccato che non sia stata ristampata.

    7. Highly disappointed, being I tend to adore CLAMP's mangas. But this one was way too weird. The story felt disjointed, and it simply doesn't flow. It's rather hard to understand what's going on, or what the plot is supposed to be. Won't be continuing the series.

    8. Me pareció curioso que CLAMP creara una atmósfera obscura usando tan sólo espacios en blanco ,mismos que, aunados a los versos que en repetidas ocasiones aparecen, dan la sensación de estar frente a una experiencia poética y no frente a un manga. Clover es un respiro después del optimismo ingenuo que estuvo impregnando la obra de CLAMP por bastante tiempo. Aun así, quedé bastante insatisfecho con lo que el volumen tenía para ofrecer. Los personajes no son interesantes (aun) y el poco de [...]

    9. (I read a combined version of all four Clover books, so I'm going to just put the same review on all of them.) Before I say anything else, I do have to state for the record that the incessant inclusion of song in EVERY panel was very annoying. There was never a rest from it. Sometimes I felt like I couldn't possibly get a good grasp on the characters because there was always that blasted song waggling distractingly in the background, reminding me that despite what might be happening right now in [...]

    10. Ug, Clover is a great idea poorly executed. I couldn't follow the dialog at ALL (and I'm a manga fan); There are frames of nothing but dialog balloons and no indicator to tell the reader who the dickens is saying what.Also, it may have been the translation, but what was happening itself didn't really make any logical sense. It was like seeing ten seconds of each scene of a movie all edited together. Nothing seemed to have any in-story reason for happening.The art wasn't that great, either; the g [...]

    11. Honestly, I'm not really that into CLAMP. I keep trying, I really do, but I only truly like Chobits very much. I'll keep trying, just because I feel like I should, since they're super important to the history of manga.But we've read this before, folks. Ex-military-type bishonen in the future or alternate universe or something, is hired to pick up and deliver a mysterious girl with mysterious powers. Dangers ensues. The art is so sparse as to be almost non-existent. Like, I feel like this is CLAM [...]

    12. I'm not going to do this book justice, so if you're a manga fan, just laugh at me for being ignorant. First of all, I had to figure out how to read the dang thing from right to left. I mean, really, I knew that, but in comic strip format, what about top to bottom? Things weren't making sense! I mean, yes, the pictures were pretty, and lots were in color. And there was a fairy thing who was a four leaf clover which meant that she had tons of magical powers. And a Black Ops agent was was supposed [...]

    13. Kazuhiko has been courtmartialed 6 times and he is forced to participate in a new black ops project by General Ko who only trusts him to deliver the goods--a Clover- a peaceful winged creature who wants only love but is very powerful in a mind over matter way and can control weapons. He is aided now and then by Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu and his young partner Ran. His hand is artificial since he lost it in his last mission. He defends them against enemies trying to kidnap the Clover, especially [...]

    14. Uno de los mejores mangas de CLAMP y quizá el más original en cuanto a diseño y narrativa. Cada página es una obra de arte, los detalles, los vacíos, la historia todo se armoniza perfectamente para crear uno de los mejores mangas que he tenido en mis manos. El volumen uno es el final cronológico de la historia de los Clover, por eso a medida que se leen los otros volúmenes nos podemos admirar de los detalles que hacen referencia a la historia global y que se nos pasan desapercibidos cuand [...]

    15. Certain aspects of this manga felt similar to Clamps other work that I read, Chobits. Which is one of my all time favorite manga. Kazuhiko and Sue have this very strange but beautiful dynamic with one another. And I like the song that repeats throughout the novel and setting into the new world.Although the further I go through, I grow increasingly confused. Hopefully it'll begin to make more sense.

    16. A beautiful and melancholy story about love and happiness with absolutely gorgeous art. Seriously, I wish there were more manga like this published in Germany. The panel layout alone was stunning and very, very fitting. At times it felt like a visual poem - the plot actually isn't that very interesting, or at least it wasn't to be. But visually it was utterly fascinating. Big thank you to Kate who gifted this to me. <3

    17. I can't remember why I picked this up on bookswap. I must have been exploring graphic novels In a nutshell: the repetition of not-very-interesting lyrics which may or may not be a clue to what Clover is drove me bat-shit. Reviewers who like this already know the backstory. Obviously, I don't know the backstory. And I don't care to know it.I can read Japanese characters, and though I am not fluent I think this would have made a little bit more sense for me in Japanese.

    18. This is my favourite manga series. It is a bit different from other mangas because dialogues are rare, phrases are often interrupted and interspersed with lyrics.Sue is a magician that lives alone because the governors are afraid she use her powers, this all change when Sue express the desire of going out.The first two volumes tell the Sue story, the other two are prequels in which the protagonists are two other magicians, even if they are weaker than Sue, that helps her.

    19. (I read the combined version) This is hands down the most beautiful manga I've ever read to date. The placement of the artwork reminded me a little of Beardsley. Just wonderful. Storywise, I had expected a bit more, and it seemed as if parts were missing from time to time, but I would buy the book again in a hartbeat.

    20. 2.5 starsThis series is really interesting so far, and I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about it, but I found it relatively difficult to follow what was going on, so it wasn't easy to get into. It was also hard to figure out who was talking during certain conversations. But the art is absolutely gorgeous, of course, and I'm excited to read more. :)

    21. No sé si al releerlo me causará la misma fascinación que hace diez años. Pero el recuerdo de lo mucho que me gustó es tal que no puedo sino darle un puntaje perfecto, al menos provisoriamente. Además, recuerdo que me salió 6$, y con seis pesos no me hacía ningún alto guiso.

    22. Another note about this series from Clamp it reads completely backwards. 4 should be read first fallowed by three, two and then one. Because my school library only has 4-2 I haven't read one yet T_T

    23. I put this one down fairly quickly. The premise was intriguing, but it was so disjointed and difficult to follow at the beginning that I just decided not to bother. Too bad.

    24. Tiene un buen planteamiento, la historia te va llevando muy de la mano soltándote info a cuentagotas y te deja con ganas de másAunque los personajes son medio bidimensionales.

    25. He de confesar que no soy un verdadero fan del manga, pero me han presentado a Clover, y ha sido un gusto conocerla. Yo, en lo alto de una montaña, viendo su caminar entre melancolía y secretos.

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