Midnight Man

Midnight Man Interior designer Suzanne Barron always thought she d fall in love slowly with a suitable man a safe man Former navy SEAL John Huntington aka the Midnight Man is anything but safe The day they meet

  • Title: Midnight Man
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Interior designer Suzanne Barron always thought she d fall in love slowly with a suitable man, a safe man Former navy SEAL John Huntington aka the Midnight Man is anything but safe The day they meet, Suzanne shocks herself by having no holds barred sex with John But her panic goes into overdrive when danger strikes John will protect her, but who s going to protect heInterior designer Suzanne Barron always thought she d fall in love slowly with a suitable man, a safe man Former navy SEAL John Huntington aka the Midnight Man is anything but safe The day they meet, Suzanne shocks herself by having no holds barred sex with John But her panic goes into overdrive when danger strikes John will protect her, but who s going to protect her heart from him John is a SEAL, and he never backs down The Midnight Man is used to fighting for what he wants, but the fight turns deadly when unknown enemies attack Suddenly, Suzanne s life is on the line Once John s had a taste of her, there s no doubt that Suzanne belongs to him, and whoever is after her will have to go through him first Note This book was originally published by Ellora s Cave and is an updated and lightly re edited version.

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    1. Why, oh why, did I wait so long to read this book?When advertising for a tenant for her office/apartment building, Suzanne Barron didn’t know exactly what kind of person would apply but when John Huntington showed up for their meeting, she knew she was in trouble! Their meeting was planned, but their attraction was not. It was there, it was powerful, and it was not to be denied. I really, really, really… REALLY, love John Huntington, AKA, Midnight Man. Talk about alpha on steroids! Talk abou [...]

    2. My lord. As romance its alright, if you are able to suspend your disbelief as to the amount of time it takes the two to get physical. Basically, Suzanne (h) an interior designer, rents out some rooms to this big, tough, ex-military scary man. Whose name also happens to be John (H). They both feel an intense attraction and have sex against a wall the first night they meet. John also shows his apparent skill with disabling a security alarm with wire and some of his spit. Mmm. Manly. Anyway. Suzann [...]

    3. 2 1/2–WAY TOO MUCH NARRATIVE–Stars I know this is a popular book among my friends and I can understand why–it's well written, intriguing, and deliciously steamy. That said, it also overflowed with narrative and very little character dialogue, which is a pet-peeve of mine. It's essential I have an abundance of character dialogue in order for me to connect with a couple and their love story. That did not happen with this book. Also, the HEA ending was way too abrupt for my liking. I felt gyp [...]

    4. Holy heck was this hot! This book has one of the most Alpha males I've ever read. You don't get more manly than Jon. He's ex-military but still behaves as if he's in a war zone. He's very protective and in charge, but also a gentleman. You get both POV's and his thoughts are pretty crude in places but honestly, it sounds true to what a male would think. Men do NOT think about rainbows and kittens. There was no game playing, just straight up attraction. It's a short read, with a short story line [...]

    5. Completely enjoyed this fast paced steamy read!! John is an intense & aggressive ALPHA!! He meet's Suzanne and BAM!!!! It's game on (his nickname should be Steamroller!). Suzanne is sweet & quiet and completely unprepared for this ALPHA, since most the men in her life have been rather meek. But when danger comes calling Suzanne finds out just how much she needs and wants this intense man.I am looking forward to the next two books in the series!! Thank you Kris (KindleRomance) and Vika fo [...]

    6. I´ve been on the fence about reading erotica/romantica for a long time, because I always need more than a bunch of sex scenes thrown together in a book. I finally made the jump into reading 'Midnight Man' after seeing several recommendations on the Romance Forum at and, boy, let me tell you I loved it! It was hot - of course! - but the story wasn´t just about two people having sex. The book had a plot, and a good one! I only wish the end wasn´t so abrupt - I love epilogues - but I was warned [...]

    7. Great book, just how I like my steamy erotica reads. Non-cheesy sex scenes with great characters and a good plot to tie it all together. I now get why so many people consider this a favorite read!

    8. Personality-free alphahole has forceful, mindless sex on several occasions with the one and only Jellyfish Woman--a woman so pale and pure and delicate that he can't figure out how her internal organs fit inside her. (No, he really thinks that.) Oh, and her life is in danger, because OF COURSE IT IS! Also, the sympathetic effeminate gay male best (interior design!) friend character not only dies, but is actually tortured to death. He only lives long enough to tell her that what she really needs [...]

    9. 2.5 Stars! Sex, sex and more sex, but no suspense!I'm in the minority, a lot of readers like this book, and it was good as far as an erotic read went, but not much in the way of mystery and suspense. Lots of penis talk though! Another hero who sports a log between his legs, it's a wonder John Huntington could walk. Suzanne was obsessed and fascinated by it. It took on a life of it's own like another character! Suzanne searched in her depths for some way to deal with the situation. Some nice neut [...]

    10. Pretty good overall. If you’re looking for one of those alpha hero special ops guys who protects the heroine at all costs this could interest you.I generally liked the story, more towards the end though where the hero became more “human”. He’s a bit too animalistic for my taste which made the steam scenes too rough and raw at times---get out the fan for the wall scenes though (**whoaaaa**). He’s not an annoying uber-alpha but he has his “smack me one” moments. The heroine was a bit [...]

    11. The ULTIMATE Alpha guy. Commander John Huntington. Since my book version had the worst front cover ever I had to find a replacement. So here he is[image error]

    12. John Huntington is known to his fellow SEALS as the Midnight Man, a man who works best under the cover of darkness. He's just come back from a messy job in South America, right in time for his appointment with Suzanne Barrons. Suzanne is interviewing him as a possible tenant for her building. She lives in an up and coming neighborhood and the possibility of having a big strong man around is appealing to her. Until she sees him and he wreaks havoc on her femininity. With his adrenaline still runn [...]

    13. Written March 26, 2013OMG, my heart still pounds - what a wonderful hot and funny novel - 5 thick hot Stars to this divine alpha male and his sweet baby.I knew after just a few pages that this was just the right book for me to read. I wanted a fast read romance, something to giggle with, something a little light hearted and a lot of steam & heat. I got it!We have an large muscular alpha male (think: lion/bull) and a petite blonde sweetie (think: bambi/bunny) who meets. She will be his new la [...]

    14. This book is sizzle off the pages hot, erotic and a wonderful escape from the drudgery of normal life. I'd like to say it had a twisty mystery to solve or that the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, but that just wouldn't be true. Don't expect it and you won't be disappointed when all you get is heart palpitations of the sexy kind.Suzanne Barron is an interior designer who has a successful business and has rehabbed an old factory for her office and living space. She is looking for a tenant [...]

    15. Audible: Narrated by Alexandra R. JosephsA bit disappointed in the narrator’s vocalization of John. Her other male voices were not a problem, just when she did the hero’s. I made the conscious decision to shake any annoyances off and quickly found myself lost in her voice and the story.This is one of my all-time favorite books due to John Huntington. It is a go to on my reread shelf when I want a feel good, big old over the top alpha hero. Plenty of possessiveness, protectiveness and take ch [...]

    16. 4.5 stars. Hot lustful sex scenes, no kinkiness. Former Navy SEAL protects delicate heroine from a hitmanORY BRIEF:Suzanne inherited a factory building which she converted into two units. Each unit has an office for the public in front and an apartment in the back (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) Suzanne is an interior decorator. She works and lives in her unit. Suzanne placed an ad for a tenant to rent the second unit. John sees the ad and ends up renting the second unit. He is a former navy SEAL and c [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book, but I gotta tell you it felt like a "Wham bam thank you Ma'am". it was fast and furious and over before i knew it! The story was intense, the sex was amazingly hot and and the hero was a bit of a caveman, but sometimes that's exactly what i like in my heroes! It would have been nice to have more story to this and the ending was abrupt to say the least. I gotta tell you, it definitely kept my interest and i will be reading the next book in this series and hope i get to [...]

    18. Oh my freakin' dang I liked this book!Prepare to be gushed upon! Parts of this book were perfection (like the hunter/prey scene- I really dug the writing technique employed there- brilliant). I loved the structure, loved being in John's head for the initial sequences and that the author honed in on the sensual romance with development of the characters as the priority of the story. If anything the suspense is like wallpaper here (we aren't forced into the head of the bad guy and there's not even [...]

    19. I’ve had Midnight Man in my TBR for three years. I’m glad I finally decided to pick it up. It is a quick easy read, and would satisfy the LMR fan. She doesn’t differ from formula here.John is an ex SEAL (with gunmetal grey eyes), who’s started up his own security company. Suzanne is an interior decorator who runs her own successful business as well. They meet when he wants to lease part of her building for his latest office. When he walks in, he is immediately stricken will lust for this [...]

    20. I'm glad I read the third book ("Midnight Angel") first, or I might not have gone on with this series. Don't get me wrong - "Midnight Man" was good, but not GREAT. A couple of things really bothered me about it once I finished: the heroine was never told of the violent death of someone significant in her life; and the HEA (which I'm a sucker for, I have to admit) was summed up, not in one page, not even in one paragraph, but in one SENTENCE! AND though it was obvious to the reader that the H/H [...]

    21. I first read this a while back and liked it. Initially I gave it 3 stars as the ending was rather abrupt and ended on a HFN and I need my HEA - always :)The author re-released this in December 2015 after lightly re-editing and I was provided an ARC for my honest review. I couldn't see any obvious changes and enjoyed it even more the second time around because I know that HFN becomes a dead cert HEA - we meet up with John and Suzanne frequently in the rest of the series.I LOVE LMR's alpha males, [...]

    22. On sale for .99 3.5 starsThought the h was too perfect. Plot could of been developed more. Story was fun to read. Sex scenes were meh. Lacked heat & creativity. The h didn't get enough foreplay (lol)

    23. I have to admit the very first Lisa Marie Rice book I read a couple of weeks ago did not inspire me to read any more, I enjoyed it, I just had a few issues at the start. However I found myself days later thinking how much I actually liked the first book I read of hers which was Woman on the Run , went back and upgraded my rating and then decided to try out some more of her books.Well, I loved this book. Interior decorator Suzanne Barron is renting out office and living space in the building she [...]

    24. This book was so fast paced that my head is still spinning, and I am not sure what to say in this review.Lisa Marie Rice has a wonderful writing style. From the very beginning this book was at super sonic speed. I feel like I have whiplash from reading this.Another wonderful thing was that this book had a female lead that I actually liked. That is so rare for me, but Suzanne didn't annoy me at all. My only problem I had with her was that she got to have John/Midnight and I didn't.Now John/Midnig [...]

    25. 3.5 stars”You need the opposite. Someone yin to go with your yang. Someone to stir your juices. Someone…someone really…male.”Suzanne knows just the man; her new tenant Commander John Huntington, a retired Navy SEAL, CEO of Alpha Security International. Suzanne is a classy, elegant interior decorator, the total opposite to everything that is John. ”Power and sex came off the man in tangible waves, totally invincible, unstoppable.”Someone tried to take Suzanne’s life, and John stops [...]

    26. Holy smokes! This is one hot, hot, hot, steamy number! Caveman alpha hero - check. Moderately interesting plot to fill in the bits between the hot sex - check. Hot sex - check. Good characterization particularly for a quickie read - check. More hot sex - check.This was such a fun read, and for such a short book, the plot was actually quite good. Nothing earth-shattering, and with no real twists, but entertaining enough. But let's face it, you only read this for the sex. The hero was so absolutel [...]

    27. Midnight Man es el primero de los tres libros que forman la serie Midnight de la autora Lisa Marie Rice y tiene como protagonistas a John y Suzanne.Estaba un poco harta de leer historias romanticas, buscaba algo un poco distinto y mirando en encontre esta saga, al leer la sinopsis me recordo a la serie de Pamela Clare y pense¿ Porque no ? . No esperaba que me gustara tanto, la verdad es que pense que no me gustaria pero realmente me sorprendio gratamente.Si. Tiene algun que otro cliche y quiza [...]

    28. cover & title - 3.5/5favorite character - JohnThis book is H.O.T.The characters are sexy, the story-line is intense & the chemistry is electric. The first time the leads have sex it is mind-blowingly sexy, an actual sexy sex scene is hard to find but this book had them by the dozen. You can feel the tension between the characters like it is your own. I blinked & this book was done, it was depressing - i wanted more! I totally ignored my life for 2 hours & got totally immersed in [...]

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