The Steam House: The Demon of Cawnpore

The Steam House The Demon of Cawnpore An adventure set in India in the period following the Mutiny when the country seethed with discontent Pursued by the authorities one rebel plots to revenge himself against the British and make himse

  • Title: The Steam House: The Demon of Cawnpore
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: 9781434499363
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An adventure set in India in the period following the Mutiny, when the country seethed with discontent Pursued by the authorities, one rebel plots to revenge himself against the British and make himself ruler of the land Part II of The Steam House.

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    1. La Maison à vapeur - Voyage à travers l'Inde septentrionale = The End of Nana Sahib: The Steam House (Extraordinary Voyages #20), Jules Verne

    2. Un libro francamente genial. Tenía un rato sin leer algo de Julio Verne y me enteré por ahí de la existencia de este, como nunca había oído hablar de él pues me interesó pero nunca me había imaginado lo sensacional que fue.Un viaje, como todos los de Verne, pero el vehículo en el que viajan y los parajes por los que el viaje es realizado hacen de este un viaje excepcional.Por ultimo solo me gustaría agregar que usando Google Earth me puse a señalar los puntos por los que pasaron los p [...]

    3. Jules Vernen "Höyrytalo" (Kokoelmassa "Merkilliset matkat, WSOY, 1998) oli kiistatta eräs varhaisnuoruuteni suosikkikirjoista. Se kertoo ranskalais-englantilaisesta joukosta, joka matkaa höyrykoneella varustetulla rautaisella norsulla halki Intian, ja kohtaa matkallaan niin tiikereitä kuin verisen Sepoy-kapinan osaanottajiakin.Vernen tarina on sinänsä oivallinen ja jännittävä, vaikka kerronnallisesti siinä onkin muutamia kömpelyyksiä; esimerkiksi sankareidemme keskuuteen soluttautuva [...]

    4. I always love this author, because he could write about things he never saw (or just imagine them) and he is so lively and full of feelings. Science fiction, exotic countries and tragic love stories. What a wonderful mix!

    5. review of Jules Verne's The Demon of Cawnpore by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - March 15, 2013 Verne's popularity was catapulted by his fantastic travel stories, such things as Five Weeks in a Balloon & Around the World in Eighty Days, a series his publisher entitles "Les Voyages Extraordinaires". While many of these were too fantastic to be based on actual traveler experience, Journey to the Center of the Earth & From the Earth to the Moon, eg, others might've had their details based on V [...]

    6. This is not one of Verne's best books. Like the steam house itself, the story was very slow moving. In fact, the actual plot seemed to take a back seat to the detailed descriptions of the culture, history, and geography of India. To a reader who is not well acquainted with India, this definitely made the book interesting, though not exactly captivating. Also, the realistic nature of the setting (a journey across India) did not seem to be a great fit for Verne's powerful and often fanciful imagin [...]

    7. Some of Jules Verne's stories are among my favorites--such as "journey to the Center of the Earth." But this book will not be added to that list. To be fair, this is only Part 1 and perhaps Part 2 will be a big improvement. However, this is really one of Verne's travelogues and I wish a map of Victorian Age India had been included. We follow some British imperialists ( accompanied by a Frenchman ) as they tromp around "In-jah" in a steam engine-driven mechanical elephant, the white sahibs blasti [...]

    8. Primer historia que leo en India y Julio Verne no me ha decepcionado. Es un placer siempre volver a mi autor favorito y disfrutar de su viva imaginación. Lo único que me que no me gustó fue la cacería, pero era un deporte muy respetado de la época, así que hasta en eso Verne fue sumamente diligente, además de la historia de entre India y Europa.

    9. ¡Un libro increible! Me ha llevado en un viaje excepcional por la India y al pasado, donde todo era a base de maquinas de vapor. Un viaje maravilloso donde sin ver he llegado a conocer lugares inimaginales, ciudades increibles, ríos, aniamles y fenomenos naturales impresionantes. Lo he disfutado mucho y sin duda se ha convertido en uno de mis libros preferidos.

    10. Joskus on mukava palata ajassa taakse päin ja tarttua kirjailijaan, jonka teoksia ei ole lukenut ainakaan kahteenkymmeneen vuoteen. Kirjaston poistomyynnistä tarttui 20 sentin sijoitusta vastaan klassikkokirjailija, joka ei esittelyjä kaipaa. Sen sijaan hänen teoksensa ei sanonut minulle mitään. Niinpä luvassa oli lukukokemus tutun kirjailijan tuntemattomaksi jääneestä teoksesta.Jokainen on varmasti lukenut jonkun Jules Vernen (1828 – 1905) matkakertomuksen. Itse muistan ahmineeni po [...]

    11. Actually I had originally rated it at two stars, but now that I sit to write this review I've changed my mind. I actually did not like the book.The theme is interesting the author need not be introduced, so this is the best book which should have been. But (and a big BUT), this book misses out on one very important aspect - the story.To clear all doubts at the start: this is a work of (pure) fiction. The settings and society depicted is of India of the post-1857 mutiny age. The social setting ha [...]

    12. This is the first half of The Steam House, a minor Verne novel about a party of Europeans (mostly English though thenarrator is French) traveling through northern India inwhat we might call luxurious trailors pulled by a a steam-powered elephant. Very little happens in the first book--they escape a forest fire and defeat 3 real elephants in a pulling contest--but their travels are intercut withplotting by Nana Sahib (a real person) a surviving leaderof the Indian Mutiny of 1857, and it is implie [...]

    13. Välttelen kandini tekemistä lukemalla tutkimuskohteitani viihdemielessä. A+.Anyway, tää oli paras tähän asti lukemistani mutta koska mun tähdet on tiukassa, niin poikkean nyt tavastani olla tarkentamatta asteikkoa ja ilmoitan täten että soisin kirjalle 3.5 tähteä. Tai 3.4 jos jotakuta ahdistaa virheellinen pyöristys.

    14. Another favorite. Exotic India, like it probably never was, but it should have been. Lots of adventure and you've got to love any book that features a steam powered elephant.

    15. Tensión, aventuras y grandes paisajes en esta novela en la que Julio Verne parece adelantarse a los modernos campistas que viajan montados en sus fantásticas autocaravanas ;-)Muy recomendable.

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