O Monge que Vendeu o Seu Ferrari

O Monge que Vendeu o Seu Ferrari El monje que vendi su Ferran es la sugerente y emotiva historia de Julian Mantle un superabogado cuya vida estresante desequilibrada y obsesionada con el dinero acaba provoc ndole un infarto Ese des

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  • Title: O Monge que Vendeu o Seu Ferrari
  • Author: Robin S. Sharma
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • El monje que vendi su Ferran es la sugerente y emotiva historia de Julian Mantle, un superabogado cuya vida estresante, desequilibrada y obsesionada con el dinero acaba provoc ndole un infarto Ese desastre provoca en Julian una crisis espiritual que le lleva a enfrentarse a las grandes cuestiones de la vida.Esperando descubrir los secretos de la felicidad y el esclarecimEl monje que vendi su Ferran es la sugerente y emotiva historia de Julian Mantle, un superabogado cuya vida estresante, desequilibrada y obsesionada con el dinero acaba provoc ndole un infarto Ese desastre provoca en Julian una crisis espiritual que le lleva a enfrentarse a las grandes cuestiones de la vida.Esperando descubrir los secretos de la felicidad y el esclarecimiento, emprende un extraordinario viaje por el Himalaya para conocer una antiqu sima cultura de hombres sabios Y all descubre un modo de vida m s gozoso, as como un m todo que le permite liberar Iodo su potencial y vivir con pasi n, determinaci n y paz Escrito a modo de f bula, este libro contiene una serie de sencillas y eficaces lecciones para mejorar nuestra manera de vivir Vigorosa fusi n de la sabidur a espiritual de Oriente con los principios del xito occidentales, muestra paso a paso c mo vivir con m s coraje, alegr a, equilibrio y satisfacci n Una cautivadora historia que ense a y deleita al mismo tiempo PAULO COELHO

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    1. Loved the message, just didn't like the format it was presented in. Felt like the author just had a list of frequently asked questions and set out to answer each and every one of them one by one systematically, so there wasn't much narrative or actual enjoyment in the reading of it. The "story" is essentially just 2 guys talking over dinner, actually only 1 guy talking (the titular Monk), the other guy is just there to ask the questions in between the long monologues and to confirm the Monk's an [...]

    2. قراءة : حاتمعنوان لافت للنظر يختصر قصة محامي ناجح يسقط ارضا اثر ازمة قلبية في جلسة مرافعة. في آخر الأيام تبدلت أحوال جوليان مانتل إلى ذلك الشخص الذي يطنب لساعات في قاعة المحكمة دون أن يستطيع أن يغير من مسار قضية موكله شيئا !. لقد كان محاميا لامعا يملك كل ما يتمناه أي شخص , يلبس ب [...]

    3. "The monk who sold his Ferrari" can be called as life-changing novel!These kind of novels add essence to your life and gives you direction specially in the hard times. It gives you the answer to the questions like What is the purpose of life? How we can attain happiness and satisfaction? etcNothing in it is Unknown to us yet it makes us notice that "Known"!It tells us to savor each moment with exuberance along with an aim in life It is our prerogative to lead a happy successful and rewarding lif [...]

    4. Now I rarely read a book and stopped halfway.Unless if it's really really boring.Such as this one.And it wasn't supposed to be boring. Because it's a fable.But I didn't get anything out of it.So halfway reading, I skim through the rest.I have the habit of joting down verses/nice words from my readings and.is book failed to give me anything.Other than that I feel like it's a 'trying too hard version'of 'The Secret', 'Eat Pray Love' (the 'Pray section) and 'Tuesday with Morrie'So sadly to say, the [...]

    5. I categorized this book under spoofs because it made me laugh so much. I wanted to stop reading it because I found it ridiculous, but I wouldn't feel worthy of panning it here if I hadn't completed it and the joy of sharing my take on this book kept me turning pages and dog-earring quotable pages.First, let me be clear, I like me some cheese; I like it with crackers and I like it with wine and I like it in my entertainment and personal growth. That this book is cheesier than a Velveeta factory w [...]

    6. I don't know about this. I started it about 10 times and dropped it like it's hot NOT. Maybe I need to get in the proper mood for this. And the overflowing cup metaphor? How many times has this frakking Chinese legend been retold? 50 times? 1000 times? It's nice to think about the first couple hundred times I heard it but by the present moment it's my killswitch. I have read about it literally everywhere! Including spam and ads on miraculous stuff to get my nonexistent dick larger!I can't even r [...]

    7. لطالما سمعتً عن هذا الكتاب ، لكن أملي خاب فيه بشدة لدى قراءته . أفكار الكتاب ضحلة للغاية و ممجوجة حقاً . هنا أودّ أن أطرح سؤالاً عذبني طيلة فترة القراءة : ما مشكلة الناس مع العبادة ؟! أعني حقاً لم يعانون من كل هذا الخواء الروحي المرعب ؟ أعلم أنني هنا لستُ بصدد بيان ميزات الدين ال [...]

    8. The first time I read this book I just loved it. I read it at the time when I was asking myself questions regarding 'What to do with my life?'. I found the book very energizing, giving me a lot of inspiration and motivation to go on and many answers to my questions. When I read the book the second time, it didn't seem to have the same effect. PS! Who is looking for great literary value, will be disappointed. Sharma is no writer, but if you can focus on the message, it won't bother.

    9. A mediocre book. Although the author has tried to make the book full of wisdom, it hardly achieve its desired result - of helping an individual; it utterly fails to make any impact.

    10. هذا الكتاب يصلح للإستخدام كمنوّم ما إن أقرأ فيه قليلا حتى يداهمني النعاس أنا التي تقرأ 300 صفحة كمعدل يومي بكل شوق وحماس استغرقت في كتاب من 200 صفحة ثلاثة أيام تخيّلوا !! أشكر نفسي بحق على المجهود الذي بذلته لإنهاءهمن المفروض أنها رواية عن تحقيق الأحلام ، لكنها ليست إلا سرد طويل [...]

    11. If I could take back all the hours I spent on reading this crap, I would. To say I hated it would be an understatement. Oh, it changed my life indeed, after all, it almost turned me into a homicidal maniac. And I still don't get the fucking point of the book. Also, who the fuck sells their Ferrari? If there is anyone who's planning to do so after having read this book, feel free to contact me. I'm in the market for a new car anyway.

    12. THE most useful book I have read so far!I guess, that when you read this book, if you open your mind to its ideas and concepts, you’re gonna find it revolutionizing and life changing. Otherwise, you’re just gonna think it’s boring and never go through with it. Well, in my case, and because I was looking for this kind of book for so long, I found it very useful, and I just KNOW that lots of things in my life won’t be the same because of it.In a very simple, yet very meaningful, short stor [...]

    13. I am not a fan of personal development books written by so called motivational writers. I prefer writers that have previously done something with their life. However, I received this as a gift from my best friend and I was feeling a little bit under the weather so I felt that some motivation was welcomed. I tried to keep my heart open and was prepared to absorb as many life-changing advices as possible. I knew the book was total garbage from the first 20 pages but I tried to give it a chance and [...]

    14. Sweet mother of Jesus!! What was I trying to read??? This novel is a self-indulgent twaddle of a z-grade author!! What a load of rubbish.

    15. الكتاب بشكل عام يحث على عدم اليأس من هموم الحيآة مشآكلها ومصآئبها ،،ايضا كآنت محاولة من الكآتب في نقل الثقآفة الهندية إلي الغرب ،، ومحآولة التأثير بالرجل الغربي وصرفه عن مآيسمى "بالحلم الامريكي"، والذي يعتقده الغرب ،، هو مآيحيآ من اجله الرجل الغربي أيضا نجح في تصوير او تشبيه [...]

    16. ΄Ενα βιβλίο που αξίζει να το διαβάσει κάθε αναγνώστης και να το έχει στη βιβλιοθήκη του. Δεν πρόκειται βέβαια για λογοτεχνία, αλλά για ένα βιβλίο /οδηγό για το σύγχρονο άνθρωπο που συχνά χάνει το πραγματικό νόημα της ζωής και αναλώνεται σε ανούσια θέματα που απομυζούν το χρ [...]

    17. Outing myself as a reader of self-improvement books with this review, but so what I think it's all a bit of a waste of time if you don't try to spend some of your time improving your life from within. THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI didn't start off well for me because I absolutely detest fables; my idea of cruel and unusual punishment is being forced to re-read THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, for example. My problem with fables is that they are, more often than not, stupid. They come across as a childish [...]

    18. أبدع روبن شارما في راويته هذه لأبعد الحدود، فهي حقًا مع راوية ‘الخيميائي’ أفضل الروايات التي قرأتها في حياتي تدور أحداث هذه الرواية حول محامي من الطبقة الثرية، الطبقة المخملية، المترفة، الذي يملك كل شيء : أرقام فليكة، قصر يسكن فيه، سيارة فيراري، سمعة مهنية براقة لكنه يصاب [...]

    19. The monk who sold his Ferrari, is a misleading title. The man who sold his Ferrari and became a monk, would have been more accurate. The idea of a monk driving a Ferrari is somewhat thought provoking and made me smile. The book itself was a merger between fiction and instruction on techniques to perfect your life experience. From a fiction point of view, it too often told rather than showed. It’s an easy to read book (I read it in an afternoon) and the structure works well making it easy to re [...]

    20. أحب قراءة مواضيع في التنمية البشرية على شكل رواية أكثر من أسلوب التلقين الذي يأتي على شكل نقاط أو نصائح وإرشادات أعجبتني هذه الرواية كثيرا وأنصح كل من يمر بمرحلة ضيق في الوقت أو عسر في هضم الأهداف أو صعوبة في المضي قدما في طريق الحياة البسيط الصحيح، أن يقرأ هذه الرواية وأن يش [...]

    21. A lot irritated by the narration, but not the content.May be it is my prejudice - I find the "fable" approach to self-help books tedious to read. The last one I read, that took a similar approach, was Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard, and came off thinking that the whole book was silly. The Monk Who came highly recommended, and hence I plunged in.The book starts off on a promising note - hot-shot lawyer has a heart-attack in court, right after winning a big case. What happens next? Here's what happens [...]

    22. ربما كان أهم فصل هو الفصل التاسع الذي أعطى فيه الراهب الطقوس العشر. حلول عملية١- طقس الاختلاء٢- طقس الجسد (٥ ساعات رياضة اسبوعيا)٣- طقس الغذاء الصحي (خضار)٤- القراءة (٣٠ دقيقة يوميا)٥- طقس التأمل الشخصي (الداخلي)٦- الصلاة (شكرا)٧- العيش التابض بالحياة (الاستماع للموسيقى)٨- طقس الكل [...]

    23. Only book in my life which I tried to read 6 times and never got out past 80 Pages every time. And given-up finally :(Julian, the lead, clearly looked as constructed to frame the story, seems very boring and hence big turn-off.

    24. كتاب مذهل !!وكأنه هدية من الله لي في هذه المرحلة الحرجة من حياتي

    25. Διαβαζοντας κανεις τον "μοναχο" , καθως και λιγο απο το βιογραφικο του Sharma, ειναι σαφες οτι ειναι και αυτος ενας απο τους "φωτισμενους" ανθρωπους αυτου του κοσμου.τι σημαινει αυτο? οτι απλα εχει εφαρμοσει καποιες απλες και βασικες αρχες που υπαρχουν στο συμπαν και φροντιζει ν [...]

    26. وکیلی کارکشته یه دفعه به هم می ریزه و وسط دادگاه غش می کنه و به عبث بودن زندگیش واقف می شه می ذاره می ره هند بعد برمی گرده (تا صفحه 60) و تا آخر کتاب از اصول موفقیت و از این دست صحبت ها با رفیقش دم می زنه!این کتاب رو عزیزی معرفی کرد .وقتی شروع به خوندنش کردم فهمیدم که به درد من نمی خور [...]

    27. I'd been wanting to read this book from a long time now and wow, what an amazing and inspirational read it turned out to be to start the year with! It was subtle yet powerful, insightful and thought provoking, studded with many wise profound sayings that'll blow your mind. It talks about all the right things that are necessary to lead a fulfilling life in the right spirit. The points that the writer addresses and the wisdom that he shares through this story might seem obvious to the reader initi [...]

    28. It's the type of book that reminds you of life lessons you probably knew but never applied. It touches upon simple things that we can do that will make big differences in our lives.

    29. الراهب الذي باع سيارته الفراريعنوان ذكي جدا وغريب شويةيمكن يعتبر افضل ما في هذا الكتابلست ادري ايجب ان اصنف الكتاب على انه رواية ام كتاب تنمية بشريةلانه مفيهوش اي قصة خالص كل ما في الامر ان الكاتب كتب نصائحه على هيئة حديث بين بطلينوهذا ما جعل هذا الكتاب في منتهى الملل (بمعنى [...]

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