Asterix and the Cauldron

Asterix and the Cauldron Financial skulduggery in ancient Gaul When local Chielf Whosemoralsarelastix wants a cauldron full of money kept out of Roman hands the cash disappears while Asterix is guarding it He and Obelix must

Asterix Accueil Asterix The official website Available in French, English, German and Spanish, Asterix Friends brings together the Gaulish hero s community of fans, who embark on an epic interactive adventure Asterix and the Picts Asterix Adventure Asterix and the Picts sends Asterix and Obelix away from their familiar village to travel to Scotland, where they meet Nessie, Obelix tries his hand at tossing a caber, and they fight some Romans, before returning to Gaul for their traditional end of adventure banquet with all their our old friends. Asterix and the Chariot Race Asterix The official website In Asterix and the Chariot Race, Asterix and Obelix embark upon a great adventure in the extraordinary world of Ancient Italy Preview Buy the album. Asterix Omnibus Includes Asterix the Gaul , Asterix In Asterix and the Golden Sickle, he, Obelix, and Lutetia try to buy a new sickle for Getafix But somehow the sicklesmith has disappeared without a trace And Asterix and Obelix have to ride to the rescue when the Goths kidnap Getafix in Asterix and the Goths. Asterix and the Banquet The Asterix Project FANDOM Asterix and the Banquet French Le tour de Gaule d Asterix is the fifth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Ren Goscinny stories and Albert Uderzo illustrations It was first serialized in Pilote issues in . Asterix and the Vikings Topic YouTube Asterix and the Vikings is a French Danish animated feature film, written by Stefan Fjeldmark in collaboration with Jean Luc Gossens, and directed by St Asterix and the Actress The Asterix Project FANDOM Asterix and the Actress is the st volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Albert Uderzo story and illustrations Plot The story starts with a few surprises For Asterix and Obelix birthday party, their parents have decided to come from Condatum. Asterix cartoon character Britannica Asterix Asterix was created by writer Ren Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo and debuted in in the French comic magazine Pilote Asterix is one of the most beloved characters in French popular culture He resides in a remote Gaulish village in the middle of Asterix and the Chariot Race In Gaul, Asterix and Obelix are taking Geriatrix to a dentist at a market in Darioritum, when a sibyl predicts Obelix will become a champion charioteer Obelix then buys a sports chariot on credit, quits his menhir business and joins the trans Italic race, accompanied by Asterix and Dogmatix.

  • Title: Asterix and the Cauldron
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9780752866284
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Financial skulduggery in ancient Gaul When local Chielf Whosemoralsarelastix wants a cauldron full of money kept out of Roman hands, the cash disappears while Asterix is guarding it He and Obelix must earn enough to repay it through fairground gladiatorial contests, trendy theatrical performances, even bank robbery they ll try anything But whose morals are really eleaFinancial skulduggery in ancient Gaul When local Chielf Whosemoralsarelastix wants a cauldron full of money kept out of Roman hands, the cash disappears while Asterix is guarding it He and Obelix must earn enough to repay it through fairground gladiatorial contests, trendy theatrical performances, even bank robbery they ll try anything But whose morals are really eleastic And how do the pirates, just for once, get an unexpected bonus.

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    1. DISCLAIMER: I grew up on Asterix, in the 80s, and in fact, I think my love of puns came from these books, and my understanding of that form of humour. They were my dad's books, and I remember when the "new" Asterix came out in Canada, getting it for him as a present, and it was a HUGE dealis was the late 80s, and Albert Uderzo was still alive.Lucky #13A great place to start, from the ones in stock at my local.I've read each of the books tons of times, but this one was always missing pages when I [...]

    2. Süper bir Asteriks macerası. Kendisine emanet edilen bir kazan dolusu altını çaldıran Asteriks, hem kendinin hem de köyünün onurunu kurtarmak ve altındaları geri getirmek için yollara düşer; olaylar gelişir.

    3. Non oletIch habe mich beim Lesen gefragt, was eigentlich den Stil von Uderzo ausmacht. Bei einer Reihe, die man seit man denken kann kennt, stellt man sich solche Fragen selten, seltsamerweise. Bei Franquin liebe ich seine Schnörkel und Schnurren, bei Hergé seine klare Linie, bei Morris die Farbspiele und manchmal experimentellen Perspektiven. Uderzo dagegen setzt voll auf Details, und er hat einen unglaublich kontrollierten, dabei gleichzeitig schwungvollen Strich. Bei Uderzo findet man keine [...]

    4. In this thirteenth adventure of the unbeatable duo, Chief Vitalstatistix agrees to help a fellow Gaulish chief, Whosmoralsarelastix, by keeping his cauldron of money safe so that it wouldn't be grabbed by the Romans. Asterix offers to keep guard, but when the cauldron disappears, he vows to leave the village and never return until he can bring back the money. Obelix and Dogmatix obviously follow him into the adventure.For the first time, Asterix and Obelix try to earn money, often with hilarious [...]

    5. Have Asterix and Obelix met their match?14 September 2013 Well, a chief of a nearby village whose name is Moralsarelastix (that is the Chieftain's name, not the village's name) arrives at the little Gaulish village that we know so well with a cauldron full of money. As it turns out Ceaser has become bankrupt due to all of the wars that he has been fighting and so that he can continue fighting the wars, he has decided to raise some more taxes. However, despite the fact that Moralsarelastix happen [...]

    6. La cupidité pouvait-elle venir à bout de l'unité du village ? René Goscinny et Albert Uderzo n'avait pas encore étudié ce triste trait de caractère humain. Heureusement, Astérix, Obélix et Panoramix sont là !

    7. Bella storia, che tiene insieme una serie di avventure ora più ora meno ispirate (notevole l’esperienza teatrale e l’exploit nel commercio dei cinghiali).

    8. Dalk ken ek net Nederlands nie so goed as wat ek dink nie, maar hierdie vertaling was vir my flou - en dit lê in die taal, nie die storie nie.I found this translation bland, but I surely don't understand Dutch as well as I may think.

    9. An amusing Asterix tale about how obsession with money affects your morals. The artwork is great.A humorous and clever entry.

    10. A great comic book and time killer. I'v read it over and over again but if your looking for a more advance book, this is not what you want.

    11. Tähän mennessä turhimman oloinen täytekirja sarjassa. "Hei, miten olis tarina rahapadasta?" "Joo. Laitetaan pata katoamaan ja Asterix ja Obelix juoksentelemaan ympäriinsä etsimässä rahoja."

    12. In this one, Asterix and Obelix are after money and get into several funny scraps.Entertaining, predictable and funny as always.

    13. História crítica dos costumes contemporâneos na relação com o dinheiro e com as formas de o ganhar.Um chefe vizinho colaboracionista com os romanps, conhecido por não ser muito fiável, confia aos nossos amigos um caldeirão cheio de sestércios alegadamente para não os entregar ao cobrador de impostos romano.A honra da aldeia fica fiadora da guarda do caldeirão.Porém nessa noite o caldeirão é roubado. E astérix que ficara por seu guardião, é banido da aldeia até voltar a encher o [...]

    14. This is # 13, and a fair, but not great addition to the series.Summary from :"Whosemoralsarelastix, the chief of a neighboring Gaulish village, is a mean and greedy man who often does business with the Romans. When the Romans instigate new taxes, Whosemoralsarelastix says he does not want to pay and asks the people of Asterix's village to safeguard a cauldron full of money, his village's treasures.Asterix is left in charge of the cauldron full of sestertii which promptly gets stolen during the n [...]

    15. Cauldron atau terjemahan Indonesianya Panci Sup Bawang adalah simbol dari ketundukan bangsa Galia terhadap Romawi. Setidaknya sebagian besar dari mereka, sebab masih ada satu desa, Armorix, yang tidak mau mengikuti aturan membayar upeti kepada Roma.Tapi saat sepanci sistercii (mata uang Romawi) hilang saat berada dalam tanggung jawabnya, Asterix terpaksa bertanggung jawab untuk mencari gantinya. Obelix dengan setia menemaninya, walaupun dia sama sekali tidak tahu misi perjalanan mereka kali ini. [...]

    16. Reread in French as practice.This was a little harder to follow than /Astérix chez les Bretons/ as the subject matter is a lot less familiar - but it still works even for a reader only semi-competent in la belle langue.It has some slightly more serious themes for an Asterix book: evading (Roman) taxation, financial imprudence, gambling, and the touching exile of the hero of the indomitable Gauls from his beloved village.His many attempts to refill the cauldron with sestercii or denarii work wel [...]

    17. Zurück von den olympischen Spielen und mittendrin in den Verwirrungen des regionalen Staatsapparat, insbesondere dem Abgabensystem. Es dauerte eine Zeit bis dieser Band mit seiner Geschichte und seinen Anspielungen bei mir angekommen ist. Es war auch einiges an Recherche notwendig um all die feinen kleinen Anspielungen von Rene zu identifizieren und als das zu erkennen was sie sind - geniale Seitenhiebe auf die Gesellschaft. In diesem Fall war ich lange Zeit zu jung und auch zu wenig Franzose, [...]

    18. Asterix is put in charge of guarding a cauldron full onion soup flavoured gold from a neighbouring Gaulish village. Difficulties arise and A&O are forced to come up with a number of ways to try to make money - which mostly fail as they are not commercially minded fellows. A fun detour from the regular Asterix travels. Finally the Pirates get some good luck, despite an unfortunate and misguided foray into hospitality management.

    19. Quale disonore per il villaggio! Il paiolo pieno di sesterzi a cui Asterix faceva la guardia è stato svuotato e ora deve recuperare il denaro, o non potrà fare ritorno al villaggio. Obelix certo non lo lascerà solo, ma questa volta i nostri toccheranno il fondo prima di trovare una soluzione.Albo particolare con Asterix e Obelix costretti a lavorare, mendicare, scommettere alle corse e persino cercare di rapinare una banca pur di riempire il paiolo.

    20. Another Gaulish chief visits the village and brings a cauldron with money in it so it can be protected. The money is stolen and it's obvious the chief from the other village is behind it.Asterix and Obelix then try to make money to fill the cauldron but things continually go wrong. They even try to rob bank. Eventually they confront the corrupt chief after taking money from some Romans, and prove that he had arranged everything himself.Probably the least funny of the entire series.

    21. On ne parle pas ici du meilleur Astérix. L'histoire est bien mais les blagues sont plutôt ordinaire. Je ne me suis pas tordu de rire. J'ai souri à plusieurs reprises. Les seules bouts où j'ai vraiment ri sont ceux avec les pirates et lorsque Obélix a le trac car il doit faire du théâtre. Le reste est bon mais sans plus.

    22. Un épisode qui prend tout son sel une fois qu'on a appris comment marche les impôts Parce qu'autrement, je me souviens n'avoir absolument rien compris à cet album lorsque je l'avais lu enfant.Comme toujours, le côté décalé n'apparaît qu'après une relecture, en y portant un regard plus adulte.

    23. Nice and funny one. This is 13h issue of Asterix seriesA neighboring Gaulish chief asks the people of Asterix’s village to help guard a cauldron full of money from the Romans. But the sneaky chief plans to double-cross everyone. So he steals back the cash just when Asterix is standing sentinel. Can Asterix and Obelix recover the riches?

    24. Asterix the Cauldron – A&O learns the economics of labor as they are forced to earn back a cauldron of sesterces stolen on their watch; bright spoof of Milton Friedman’s and John Maynard Keynes’ theories (see also Obelix and Company).

    25. Un poblado galo vecino al de Asterix hace custodiar el importe de los impuestos a nuestro héroe, lo roba y espera que lo recuperen por ellos, hasta que Asterix, después de buscarlo por toda la Galia, lo vuelve a encontrar en manos del recaudador romano.

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