Honk If You Love Aphrodite

Honk If You Love Aphrodite This epic story written in the style of Homer s Odyssey recounts one man s quest to return across modern New York City to the woman he adores Along the way he meets the trials of life in the subway an

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  • Title: Honk If You Love Aphrodite
  • Author: Daniel Evan Weiss
  • ISBN: 9781852424534
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • This epic story written in the style of Homer s Odyssey recounts one man s quest to return across modern New York City to the woman he adores Along the way he meets the trials of life in the subway and the underworld below it, but the greatest obstacle is his own divided heart.

    One thought on “Honk If You Love Aphrodite”

    1. A more relatable Odyssey than THE odyssey. Daniel Evan Weiss is one of my all time favorite authors. The NY called him "the evil kanievel of novelist" his stories are gritty to the point of being filthy but they also feature more heart and honesty than almost any of his more famous contemporaries.

    2. The prose style takes a little getting used to, as the whole book is written in the style of an epic poem. Once you get past that, however, you'll find that this is a funny, touching, and smart treatise on the nature of love and sex in modern America. It's like a cross between The Odyssey and Scorsese's After Hours. Between this and The Roaches Have No King, Weiss definitely deserves a spot in the pantheon of great contemporary writers, and it's a shame that he's not more well known.

    3. Seesawed between great and maddening and boring (it's a three-sided seesaw). The idea and execution are impressive, occasionally the humor and language were perfect (Olympians taking over the Catskills with the invention of borscht and stand up comedy) and the final conflict between Aphrodite and son (ending with the "My love for love" line) was a great nugget of tragedy. The maddening parts were that somehow for all the subtle tracings of modern love, plenty of less subtle territory wasn't cove [...]

    4. While I enjoyed this book, I am a little disappointed. It is inventive and entertaining and Weiss manages to pull off the pseudo-Greek-epic-in-verse thing without being pretentious or shticky. However, his ultimate take on the theme of love seems cliche and sappy and unconvincing (it took me a while to understand why Stanley is hesitant to get home, because his reason really is trivial and unmotivating, especially in light of his apparent deep love for his wife). After reading "The Roaches Have [...]

    5. Not my favorite of this author's books, perhaps because it is almost entirely wound around it's premise, and never really gets to anything that makes sense. The protagonist is out to prove that love exists. It's hard to say whether or not he does in the end. Therefore, I am not really sure what the point is here.

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