Passenger to Frankfurt

Passenger to Frankfurt Agatha Christie is than the most popular mystery writer of all time In a career that spans over half a century her name is synonymous with brilliant deception ingenious puzzles and the surprise den

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  • Title: Passenger to Frankfurt
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780312981709
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agatha Christie is than the most popular mystery writer of all time In a career that spans over half a century, her name is synonymous with brilliant deception, ingenious puzzles, and the surprise denouement By virtually inventing the modern mystery novel she has earned her title as the Queen of Crime Curious Then you re invited to readPassenger To FrankfurtItAgatha Christie is than the most popular mystery writer of all time In a career that spans over half a century, her name is synonymous with brilliant deception, ingenious puzzles, and the surprise denouement By virtually inventing the modern mystery novel she has earned her title as the Queen of Crime Curious Then you re invited to readPassenger To FrankfurtIt was an unusual predicament for Sir Stafford Nye to awaken in a stupor after being drugged, only to find his passport stolen There was also no trace of the fascinating woman he encountered in Frankfurt who begged him to help save her life But Sir Stafford s troubles are only just beginning The target of two murder attempts, he now seeks the help of the stranger who so urgently sought his If he can locate her What he finds is a woman of numerous identities and twice as many secrets, who ushers him into the shadows of an international conspiracy that could well prove to be the death of them.

    One thought on “Passenger to Frankfurt”

    1. "I hate to say it, but this was terrible. Dear Agatha was really losing it. Laughably, this is subtitled ""an Extraganza"", but it's more like a disaster.Passenger is one of her thrillers, although the word hardly applies. Set in 1970, it starts out promisingly with unambitious diplomat Sir Stafford Nye accepting a daring proposal from the beautiful and enigmatic Countess Renata in the Frankfort airport. The next 100 pages are engaging as he tries to track down this woman, avoids some near death [...]

    2. “Does anybody care to look at history nowadays?”Passenger to Frankfurt is best known for being maybe the weirdest thing Agatha Christie ever wrote. I can understand why many would find it weird, but personally that is not the first word I would think of using. I think Passenger to Frankfurt won itself such unflattering epithet mostly because it comes from the mind of one of the most loved and acclaimed mystery writers of all times, an artist whom the public has learned to trust unconditional [...]

    3. You can create a third world now, or so everyone thinks, but the third world will have the same people in it as the first world or the second world or whatever names you like to call things. And when you have the same human beings running things, they’ll run them the same way. You’ve only got to look at history.’ ‘Does anybody care to look at history nowadays?’ The thing is, I actually enjoyed the first half of the book.en it became more and more convoluted and bizarre.Ok, a bit more d [...]

    4. Also find this review on -Don't Stop Readin'What in the world was this! I disliked this book from the very first page itself.I'm no one to question Agatha Christie but this book was totally ridiculous. It was supposed be to espionage but was reduced to an utter pile of fail. I really, really don't want to disrespect the Queen of Crime but Passenger to Frankfurt was boring, and along with being pointless it was also plotless.It started off with a diplomat being asked to lend his identity to a wom [...]

    5. Weird, weird, weird. You could tell based on the preface and the strange pleading to the reader that this COULD all happen and that Christie had stewed long and hard on this, but really it was her way outside her element. The book is like an old woman's paranoid treatise, so guess mildly interesting just for that odd window to Christie's view of 1970. I kind of skipped thru the Benvo part, because it didn't really make sense and was a terrible idea. Then the revelation of Juanita (who I actually [...]

    6. No Stars.I was going to write a thoughtful review about how some of the elements of this book resonated in an era of Trumpism. Things got a little shaky early on, but I struggled forward. And then, on page 159, it became entirely insane, at which point I simply couldn't do it any more.This is among the worst books I have ever read. I cannot even begin to imagine why Christie thought this was a good idea. If Atlas Shrugged and Mein Kampf sexually assaulted The Big Four in the darkest corners of C [...]

    7. Dame Agatha, like her alter-ego Ariadne Oliver with apples, might've chewed on too many plot lines and misplaced some of the half-baked ones here.Apples everywhereThis novel started out with fun intrigue and Stafford Nye, a mischievous court jester of sorts in Britain's political circle, seemed like an interesting character. Too bad he had to get himself involved with espionage and revolutions et al, all because of one boring character. The way this Mary-Ann spy girl was written is still reminis [...]

    8. Christie attempts a James Bond style story, complete with outré villains and globe trotting protagonists. It's almost spec fic with its near-future revolutions and social engineering. Sadly, it's overblown, vague waffle predicated on a premise of OMG YOUNG PEOPLE! and I BLAME NAZIS!! Most characters speak in almost the same voice, though Aunt Matilda and Stafford Nye manage to rise above the general mess. The villains may be outré but that's no substitute for actual characterisation. Only a fe [...]

    9. I feel sad giving only 1 star to an Agatha Christie novel, as I have found almost every other book I've read of hers really intriguing. Passenger to Frankfurt is definitely of a different genre than the rest of her novels. It is more a book about politics and social commentary than the typical whodunnit that she is known for. I really couldn't get into the plot, nor could I even understand what was going on half the time because the story seemed to jump around a lot and lose focus. The only reas [...]

    10. Apparently, in her old age Dame Agatha decided to be quirky! Truly, this novel is like nothing else in her canon, although it might be said to be in the same general family as her early spy thrillers and the sci-fi-flavored So Many Steps to Death. The quirkiness starts right at the beginning, with the subtitle "An Extravaganza". What on earth is Agatha Christie's idea of an "extravaganza"? She tells us in an opening note so pretentious that I choose to believe she was being tongue-in-cheek; I wo [...]

    11. A Cold War spy thriller/mystery from Agatha Christie and a perfect example of the author at her worst. After a far fetched but decent opening gambit, the first part of the novel descends to a catalog of the trouble with "young people" circa 1970, and a lot of improbable conspiracy theories about what was behind then current political and social movements. Christie was clearly at odds with the values and ideas of the era and it infects her book with a strange, paranoid flavor that seems very funn [...]

    12. Knjiga krene odlično, ima puno potencijala, zatim hrpa ljudi, opisa istih, međusobni odnosilo sam se pogubila. Neki kao zaplet koji nikako da se zahukta i, na kraju, štanga. Ne kužim gdje je nestao vrhunac? Pomalo sam se gubila u cijeloj radnji koja me nije držala pretjerano koncetriranom pri čitanju.

    13. By the time I finished the book I was astonished by the turn of events. This was the first novel by Mrs. Christie that hasn't gone well with me. And I think for that Mrs. Christie herself is to be blamed entirely. Firstly for choosing espionage as the center theme for this book. And secondly for writing this book.Well if anything, one thing is assured and that's espionage is not Mrs. Christie forte. As much as I appreciate Mrs. Christie's work, this book fails to impress at all.This book begins [...]

    14. Passenger to Frankfurt is not your typical Christie crime novel. In fact it isn't a crime novel, it is a spy/thriller written in 1970. Having looked at other reviewer's I can see that alot of readers don't love this novel, no Marple, no Poirot and no murder. However, I found it entertaining and very pertinent when looking at what is happening in America today. This novel deals with unknown wealthy, powerful people who encourage social unrest and violence. The unknown people are far right, fascis [...]

    15. This was a strange book. The first time I read it when I was 17 I was all like "Wow, Agatha Christie has written an alternate history story about NAZIS!" and then I read it again a couple of years ago and all of its flaws shone through. The plot starts off reasonably simple but soon gets crazily convoluted. The logic of many of the characters' positions is hard to grasp. And the solution decided upon to deal with the emergency is more extreme than the Nazi revivalists are themselves!One gets the [...]

    16. Super, super weird, even for a Christie novel. For one: no mystery, just a bizarrely convoluted story of international 70s-style intrigue involving a well-born British guy who likes wearing capes, a nefarious plot to get students to overthrow all governments, Wagner's Ring symbolism, an evil Nazi blonde hunk, and (spoiler!) Hitler living a secret life in Argentina where I guess nobody recognizes him in even one instance over the course of 30 years. Oh, and a wedding at the end! (I won't say who, [...]

    17. Disappointing, preachye sounds like a grouchy scared old person. Also, an attempt at a spy novel which falls flat. Nothing is developed properly, characters are one-dimensional. If it did not have her name on it, I would not believe she wrote it. It was short, but felt longer. 2.5 rounded to 3 stars because she is Agatha Christie. Usually her books are treats, this one made me irritated and, ultimately, very sad.

    18. Passenger to Frankfurt, Agatha Christieعنوان: مسافر فرانکفورت؛ نویسنده: آگاتا کریستی؛ مترجم: بهرام افراسیابی؛ تهران، نشر مهر، 1373؛ در 282 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، مهرفام، 1390، در 351 ص، شابک: 9789649915203؛ موضوع: داستانهای کارآگاهی و پلیسی از نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 20 م

    19. OK, it was good as a concept, but maybe I am dumb, but I did not quite get the end game but that is just me :/

    20. AudiobookParanoid much? This book seeks to explain that the Vietnam war protests, drug use and student unrest during the 1960s was all the result of a hidden group trying to take over the world and bring the Nazi's back into power. And you're stupid if you didn't see it coming. I guess I'm stupid. Not my favorite. Although Hugh Fraser did a great job which raised by rating by one star.

    21. Agatha Christie’s fans might not enjoy this book so much. It departs completely from Mrs. Christie’s style. (Actually, I find a lot of The Big Four in it.) First of all, it is a spy thriller—but not like other and older Christie’s spy thrillers. It reminded me a lot of Buchan’s books—especially The 39 Steps. So, if you don’t like old-fashioned spy thrillers, step away from the bookshelf! If you read Buchan and liked it, you will enjoy this book. Mrs. Christie was highly criticized, [...]

    22. I love Agatha Christie's mysteries. They generally glue me to the book, until I've finished reading then. Not this one, though it had its moments.The gist of it: Stafford Nye an excentric and "failed" diplomat, decides to save a woman's life. During a delayed flight in Franfurt, he meets a mysterious woman, who asks him to let her take his identity. He agrees, and they fabricate a story of how he lost his passport, and drank drugged beer.Obviously, the entire government is up in arms about it, t [...]

    23. If I had read the reviews of this book, I would never have read it, but I had it from the library and had already begun it when I realized how over-the-top, unrealistic, underdeveloped, and odd this book would be. Because I am a stickler for finishing books, and because I hoped that this one would improve, I read the rest, but it was unsatisfying. The book was boring, and the political intrigue plot was inadequately explained for something portrayed as so enormous. Because it was shown to be on [...]

    24. This is the reason Madame Christie isn't known for her political intrigue novels. There is no suspense here. But not because she has no plot. But because she has no idea how international spies talk or act or think. Their conversations do not amount to anything. For this reason alone, the book sucks. I got half way through before I realized that Christie was figuring out the story on the page. None of the original details that support her best works, none of the mind boggling twists and turns th [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book. I am not sure why so many people gave this a bad review. I suppose if you are expecting to read a typical Poirot or Miss Marple mystery you will not find it here. It is however her version of a modern spy thriller or James Bond style novel. It also seems to be Christie's version or ideas on the "modern world" post WWII."'s the new heaven and the new earth.That's what's been promised by leaders for thousands of years. Promised by religions, promised by those who suppor [...]

    26. Also one of my top ten favorites of Agatha ChristieA chance meeting in an airport. A life saved, an adventure begun.What starts out as a random cute-meet ends with intrigue, politics, travels, strange companions and a vast amount of nonsense.Even Aunt Matilda gets involved.For any teenager who thinks that getting into drugs or criminal activity to rebel against the system or family - this is a great book to see who uses that to their advantage.You may not be as in control of your life as you thi [...]

    27. In which Agatha Christie tries to write a John Buchan espionage thriller and fails dismally.But it's weirdly comforting that a writer as experienced and dependable as Christie had some limits, I guess

    28. This 80th Agatha Christie book (apparently including UK and US short story collections) was published in 1970 for her 80th birthday (more info here). A spy/romance novel. Diplomat Sir Stafford Nye loans his passport to a woman who approaches him and requests he allow her to use his passport to flee to London disguised as him (how international travel has changed since 1970!) When he finally gets back to London, sans passport, he continues to run into this women - in various settings with various [...]

    29. Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie has been in by TBR pile for a while, one of the few books by my favorite author that I've not read. I'll be posting a longer review later on my blog, but for now, let me just say that I found this to be a tedious read and not much mystery at all. When I read a Christie, I want a good, juicy mystery that keeps me guessing or at least keeps me engaged. This did not do it for me. I did enjoy the character of Stafford Nye and I totally loved his great-aunt M [...]

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