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  1. Sherry Reynard is trying to escape from her abusive husband and his parents. She has a young boy who was greatly injured by his father that's when Sherry decides enough is enough. With her son in the hospital and having very little money, things only get worse when her father-in-law shows up and tells her he is going to fight for custody of his grandson.While her son recuperates, Sherry moves temporarily into a boarding house a walking distance from the hospital. Feeling lost and abandoned and [...]

  2. I have always enjoyed Charlotte Armstrong 's books. I read as many as I could find in the 1970's. The conditions concerning domestic abuse that were in play at that period are correct. In the minds of the police and society, a woman was considered quilty of provoking her husband.After fifty years and rereading the story, I feel it is one of the best stories I have read. It held my attention and Until I finished the book. The MC could have been very depressed of all the negative occurrence in her [...]

  3. This was a very supenseful novel. It begins with Sherry's husband Ward, in a drug-induced rage, attacking her and their three-year-old son, injuring the little boy, and Sherry knocking out her husband. She decides that she needs to divorce him to protect their son, and his wealthy, privileged family, who have never approved of her, set out to discredit her and gain custody of little Johnny. The father hires a man to do so, and he will stop at nothing to find some dirt on her, or, failing that, m [...]

  4. This is the 2nd time around for this book as it was first published in the late 1960's and some of the writing shows it by being a bit dated. It is the age old story of an abusive husband having attacked both his wife and son and the wife (Sherry) leaving him in order to protect herself and her child. However when her affluent in-laws step in looking to take custody of the boy as well as hiring a man to woo her at the same time as he tries to dig up dirt on her the plot picks up a bit. I'm not s [...]

  5. Open Road Integrated Media and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Balloon Man. This is my honest opinion of the book.Sherry Reynard has been carrying the family with her low paying job as a cocktail waitress, as her husband Ward and her son Johnny are counting on her. When her husband unexpectedly and violently attacks her, with their son ending up as collateral damage, Sherry tries her best to get herself and Johnny out of the situation. When Ward's wealthy parents begin to me [...]

  6. I bought this because it is by an Upper Michigan author. I hoped it would be set in the U.P. but it is not. I was also familiar with Armstrong's name although I don't remember having read anything else by her. This book is hardcover, printed in 1968. It can be interesting and sometimes disturbing to read books from several years ago, as they reflect the culture of the time. This book is a good example of both "interesting" and "disturbing". Sherry Reynard is married to a man, Ward, who has been [...]

  7. For starters, I was surprised to find out this book, despite being an ARC for February 2017 publication, was actually first published in 1968- a year before the author died. I'm thinking this round of publication, with this new modern cover image, is the book's first time in e-copy format. But I digressOriginally speaking, The Balloon Man may be an older book at this point, but it is no less intriguing now than it undoubtedly was nearly 50 years ago when it first hit the shelves. Considering it' [...]

  8. THE BALLOON MAN was a good read with interesting characters. Some of the villains were a bit cartoonish but still pretty believable. This book was written in 1968 and one has to read it with an appreciation of the era. I thought it made it even more fun to read knowing the history of the era. The book does make one point very clearly though: Don't take LSD!!! Or only if you know what your are getting yourself into

  9. Attacked by her husband and her son flung across the kitchen, Shelly Reynard flees, and with her child hospitalized, she finds a rooming house across from her son’s hospital and begins visiting him every day while trying to contact her New York friends for money to fly back once her son has recovered.But her father in law has other plans. He hires an old friend of his son to find some way to make her unfit to care for her child, so she not have custody when she files for divorce.Most of this n [...]

  10. My favorite thing about this book was the descriptions of the characters and their development. Notably, the three old women were quite entertaining. I enjoyed the battle between good and evil (so to speak) and how in the end serendipity plays the most important role in determining the outcome, while causing one of the most minor characters to become one of the most important.

  11. This book has interesting character development, but unfortunately the plot is boring for them to be built around. It ends up reading like a mid sixties midday soup opera, and is extremely dated.And the balloon man has next to nothing to do with the book and I really cannot understand why it is named for himIn the end it was a trouble to get through. Proceed with caution.

  12. This was an interesting mystery with some nice twists but felt very dated. It was more plot-driven than character-driven and I usually prefer books where we get to know the characters better. The choice of a title threw me a little as well as the Balloon Man doesn't come in until the very end as he provides Sherry, the protagonist with an alibi. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was a fast read!

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