I Am Legion

I Am Legion A supernatural take on World War II featuring lush artwork by John Cassaday superstar artist of ASTONISHING X MEN PLANETARY in a deluxe hardcover format While the outcome of War is in doubt the Nazis

  • Title: I Am Legion
  • Author: Fabien Nury John Cassaday
  • ISBN: 9781594650024
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A supernatural take on World War II featuring lush artwork by John Cassaday superstar artist of ASTONISHING X MEN PLANETARY in a deluxe hardcover format While the outcome of War is in doubt, the Nazis frantically search for Ana, a girl with the ability to possess other bodies.

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    1. Originally published in French in three albums, Le faune dansant (The Dancing Faun, June 2004), Vlad (January 2006) and Les trois singes (The Three Monkeys, November 2007), this series (Je suis légion in French) by French comics writer Fabien Nury and American comics artist John Cassaday mixes an updated take on vampire lore with historical WWII events and the result is an enjoyably chilling narrative. Stanley Pilgrim is a British investigator on leave after his wife's death some six months ear [...]

    2. osrascunhos/2017/09/27/i-I am Legion é uma banda desenhada francesa (Je suis Légion) que decorre durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial na Roménia, e nos remete para o monstro nacional, o vampiro. Neste caso o vampiro é uma jovem rapariga em estudo pelos nazis que pensam utilizá-la como arma de guerra.Encarcerada, fazem-na comandar vários soldados em simultâneo para provar a perfeita coordenação que é atingida quando uma só mente desenha uma estratégia e não existem hesitações. Será es [...]

    3. "Allora il Signore si avvicinò all'uomo e gli domandò: - Come ti chiami?- Mi chiamo legione - gli rispose - perché siamo in molti" Queste poche righe del Vangelo di Marco sono a mio parere la più terrificante storia dell'orrore mai raccontata. Questo, infatti, il seme di una discendenza pressoché inestinguibile.Venendo alla graphic novel di Nury-Cassaday, il mio giudizio è severo per motivi di sensibilità personale; si tratta in realtà di un prodotto di qualità. Meccanismo narrativo sen [...]

    4. This graphic novel, using supernatural as an explanation to world war II begins with a very nice pace, taking us into the view of several different characters, most involved in espionage. It soon becomes a little bit too confusing, however, since I don't think 6 volumes are quite enough to be able to explain most of the story line. Also I think some characters deserved more in depth background. I could imagine it as a cool novel. As I finished book 6, the whole feeling was a bit dull, seeing tha [...]

    5. Une bonne surprise.L'histoire, qui se mêle à l'histoire réelle, mélange avec habileté espionnage, polar, fantastique et horreur. Les "Strigoïs" (vampires) sont revisités de manière habile, et leur implication au sein de la seconde guerre mondiale est bien amenée.Le rythme est trépidant, sans temps mort, mais cela amène parfois à se perdre un peu dans la multitude des lieux visités.Une bonne lecture néanmoins, avec une histoire bien maîtrisée.

    6. Este libro lo tiene todo. Un arte sorprendente. Una historia donde los vampiros vuelven a ser seres manipuladores, que planean, que usan. Un entorno interesante, la segunda guerra mundial. ¿Entienden las posibilidades? La segunda jodida guerra mundial con vampiros. Sin embargo algo queda a deber. Quizás intenta abarcar muchos frentes, que quiere ser una historia de terror, de guerra, de espionaje y al final, es solo un comic con una historia interesante y que se ve muy bonito.

    7. Noioso.Non è scritto male, intendiamoci, ma è poco attraente. Il soggetto, inoltre, - Dracula, esperimenti nazisti e spionaggio britannico nella seconda guerra mondiale - non mi ha granchè impressionato.Quanto a Cassaday, anche un grande come lui può risultare pesante se costretto dalla sceneggiatura di Nury a disegnare, per l'80% delle vignette, primi piani e mezzi busti di gente che parla.

    8. An engaging WWII story, one infused with vampirism. The first third of the book is quite thick, a lot really packed into the narrative's premise. Things become more manageable as the story progresses.

    9. this is a little hard to follow. there are lots of characters and plots within plots going on. but it's still really good. beautiful art. and the story is a page turner, as a mystery, a war book, and a book of the supernatural. plus who doesn't love occult-dipping naziz? i sure do.

    10. The story was uninteresting and paced far to slow. Cassady's art was nothing special, certainly not 'european' as the humanoids imprint implies. The coloring was no better than any current American comic. Just a mediocre book.

    11. A pretty cool supernatural WWII espionage Eurocomic illustrated by John Cassaday. It's pretty complicated, with lots of characters and a pretty involved plot. Lovely art, lots of good action, some nicely creepy parts. I dug it.

    12. This is a great book so far. If you don't mind a more serious tone in your comic books as well as lengthy dialogue, then I'm sure it'll pay off or I hope so.

    13. Interesting concept but I think I would have enjoyed much more as a novel where more explanation would be needed.

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