Travels in the Scriptorium

Travels in the Scriptorium An old man awakens disoriented in an unfamiliar chamber With no memory of who he is or how he has arrived there he pores over the relics on the desk examining the circumstances of his confinement

  • Title: Travels in the Scriptorium
  • Author: Paul Auster
  • ISBN: 9780312426293
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • An old man awakens, disoriented, in an unfamiliar chamber With no memory of who he is or how he has arrived there, he pores over the relics on the desk, examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching his own hazy mind for clues.Determining that he is locked in, the man identified only as Mr Blank begins reading a manuscript he finds on the desk, the storyAn old man awakens, disoriented, in an unfamiliar chamber With no memory of who he is or how he has arrived there, he pores over the relics on the desk, examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching his own hazy mind for clues.Determining that he is locked in, the man identified only as Mr Blank begins reading a manuscript he finds on the desk, the story of another prisoner, set in an unfamiliar, alternate world As the day passes, various characters call on Mr Blank in his cell, and each brings frustrating hints of his forgotten identity and his past.Both chilling and poignant, Travels in the Scriptorium is vintage Paul Auster mysterious texts, fluid identities, a hidden past, and, somewhere, an obscure tormentor And yet, as we discover during one day in the life of Mr Blank, his world is not so different from our own.

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    1. It is official. Paul Auster is the master mind messer. This book is an MC Escher drawing in literary form. *Spoiler alert*Mr Blank is in a room. He can't remember who he is, anything about his past or where he came from. All he knows is what people tell him about himself and without knowing it he is under 24 hour scrutiny by a higher power, someone with an overall view of the situation. Characters enter the room, perform basic tasks and leave and almost the instant that they are gone Mr Blank fo [...]

    2. Light-weight meta-fiction. Not much going on here really, but--as always with Auster--his style makes it worthwhile.

    3. First things first: I am an Auster fan. I’m not sure I’d have been able to enjoy this book were I unfamiliar with his work. Yes, its gotten mixed reviews. Yes, it is self-referential. (Honestly, is this a surprise to anyone? Get over it.) Worth reading for Auster-philes? Without a doubt. The issues Auster takes on in this novella (really, it’s only about 150 pages) are familiar to his readers: questions of identity, memory, the nature of narrative, among others. The writing is tighter, mor [...]

    4. بدون حواشی باید بگم داستان درنیومده بود. فضا و امکانات فضا می تونست یه داستان خوب ازش دربیاد اما نشد که بشه. از همون اول تا اون آخر واکنش های این بابا در اون اتاق تو ذوق من می زد - مثلا اینکه این همه کله ملق زد اما آخرش نرفت سمت درتا اونجا که من دیدم در دو جای کتاب چند بند حذف شدن به [...]

    5. يقول اي بي وايت: إن الكاتب الذي ينتظر تحقق الظروف المثالية ليكتب، سوف يموت قبل أن يضع كلمة واحدة على ورقة. لا تقرأ هذه الرواية ما لم تكن كاتبا أو لديك نية في التأليف مستقبلا، غالبا هذه الرواية لم يكتبها بول أوستر لك. كيف تصبح كاتبا لكن ليس على طريقة كتب الطبخ (مقادير كعك الحليب [...]

    6. هناك مشكلة تواجهني مع كثير من الادباء هي أن تكون قراءتي الأولي لهم مع أجمل أعمالهم فاتاثر كثيرا وأتوقع منهم الكثير بعد ذلك وهنا تكمن المشكلة فليس بالضروري أن تكون باقي الأعمال بنفس الجودة أو درجة الاستمتاع نفسها ولكنه خطأ التوقع أو قل : التمني الذي أقع فيه غالبا نعود للروا [...]

    7. دلم می‌خواهد یک بار دیگر چشمم به آسمان بیفتد. تمام چیزی که الان می‌خواهم همین است. ایستادن در فضای باز و تماشای آن آبی بزرگ بالای سرم، خیره شدن به آسمان چشمگیر بی‌منتهابرای آخرین بار.از متن کتاب

    8. في قصة شديدة التكثيف والقِصر، يقوم بول أوستر بتجميع العديد من الشخصيات (منها شخصيات عديدة من مؤلفات أخرى له في ثلاثية نيويورك تحديداً) ، ويضعك فى الصيغة (الثيمة) المحببة له ألا وهى القصة داخل القصة فقط تبدو النهاية وكأنها كُتبت على عجل، فلم تكن مُرضية للعمل

    9. As down with Auster as I am, this little novella just completely failed me. To sum it up, it's all these characters from Auster's other books seeking revenge on this person who sent them on their "missions"--Auster himself, I suppose. It's his characters putting him through one of his stories, locking him in a mysterious room and taking away his memories so he's in one of his own puzzles. How droll! If you haven't read his other books, it might be interesting--might, I don't know. Having read th [...]

    10. هكذا يضع الراوي القارئ وجهًا لوجهٍ أمام تلك الشخصية الاستثنائية، وبتلك الأحداث الغريبة التي ستتشكل له شيئًا فشيئًا، وكأنه إزاء شخصيةٍ روائية يجري خلقها بين يديه، شخصية لم يكن من العبث تسميتها «بلانك»، والتي تعني «فارغا»، ثم يتم تعريف بعض الشخصيات والأحداث من حوله، لنستكشف [...]

    11. “What the fuck was that?!”, I cried at the very last sentence.I planned to read another book right after finishing it but no, Auster wouldn’t let me go. I had to make sense of it. I had to understand. I had to. So I retold myself the significant parts, read back on the details I thought I might be missing and tried to analyze what it was all about.This book is basically about how the characters and stories created by people, especially writers are bound to haunt them. Auster illustrated th [...]

    12. Auster loves writing about men who lose their memory. I think this is the third book of his with that basic premise, and he's such a great writer that every single one of them is wonderful. One of the things I liked so much about this book, besides Auster's writing and storytelling, was that there were points throughout the story where it became possible that this book was taking place in the same world as his apocalyptic novel In the Country of Last Things. It may or may not be related, but one [...]

    13. I have to say this was the worst Paul Auster book I've read, and I've read most of his works. If you must read Travels in the Scriptorium, it is best that you keep your expectations in check. That way you won't be bitterly disappointed. From the very first words I thought this story was going nowhere. I was correct. When I had finished it it had gone nowhere. It was a tedious read. And a bore. At least though, the second half was a little better than the first, but overall I thought it was a lam [...]

    14. Notes while reading this book: I can say that after reading the first twenty-three pages I am hooked. So much going on for me here. I especially enjoyed the sponge-bath happy ending. Beautifully done.Immediately thinking of Quentin Tarantino's Mr. Black, Mr. Pink, in Austen's character Mr. Blank. The mystery. Also the simple and sparse theater set in the novel reminds me of a stage play being acted out and a response of some sort to Endgame by Samuel Beckett. Again, the mystery is what does it f [...]

    15. Travels in the Scriptorium opens like this: a man, known only as Mr. Blank, is apparently imprisoned within a room. He remembers snippets of his childhood, but nothing of how he came to be in the room, and has little to no recollection of his adult life. During the course of the story, he is visited by a number of people - two women who take on nurse/carer roles, an ex-policeman, a lawyer and so on - and recognises them only vaguely, if at all. He contemplates escaping from the room, but seems i [...]

    16. Like Alexander taking his sword to the Gordian Knot, Paul Auster chops away at the knotty loop he's tangled throughout Travels in the Scriptorium -- inelegantly solving the very problem he created while invalidating the reader's input.Until the ending, this was an obtuse work and brilliant for it's wide angle of perspective because the potential meanings were myriad. Mr. Blank could have been anyone. His crimes could have been anything. His victims could have been everyone or no one. This was a [...]

    17. Okay, well I read this entire book (90 pages) within a few hours in the Barnes & Nobles. Truth be told, I read it there for two reasons: (a) I have been told to read something by Paul Auster by a few people and (b) I didn't want to pay $16.00 for it.(My daughter read the Guiness Book of World Records for Kids, lol)It's an interesting story within a story. The writing, initially, is pretty solid, pretty tight. But the story is hard to keep interested in. A lot of the plot is a description of [...]

    18. الحديث عن السيد بلانكي الفارغ من كل شيء، حتى من ذاكرته، يكتب عله يجمع بعض الشتات، الرواية لم تأت بجديد، هذا الموضوع مكرر كثيرا، في الرواية تقنيات سينمائية، ربما كتب هذا العمل للسينما، لا أدري لكن لم يضف جديدا.

    19. I'm not the biggest Paul Auster fan. In fact, I've never really read any of his other books. I got attracted to this book because of its odd cover and a recommendation from another person new to Auster's worlds and he loved it. This is a terrible place to start for any Auster virgin because from what I can gather, its a bunch of in-jokes from characters that were in his previous novels. Like all meta-fiction, things take a turn for the absurd and questions of truth, art and honesty run abound. I [...]

    20. بعد از کشور آخرین‌های پل استر مدت‌ها بود که هیچ کتابی منو شگفت زده نکرده بود اما باز هم پل استر در کتابی دیگر منو کاملا به وجد آورد. این کتاب با ایده‌ی جالبی که داره و توصیفات دقیقی که ارائه می‌ده با ذهن خواننده به راحتی و با ظرافت بازی می‌کنه و در نهایت درست وقتی که ذهن آرام گ [...]

    21. Atmospheric and disorientating. Like being caught in a fun house that is located on the tilt-a-whirl. While most readers will be able to put the pieces of the overall story together, the individual parts of the story are harder to solve. A welcome departure from what I have been reading recently. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    22. يعجبني في بول أوستر، وفي كثير من الأحيان وكما هو الحال في ثلاثية نيويورك، أنه يكتب وفق مقولة كل شيء جائز في الرواية ! لكنه في هذا العمل، بدا كما لو أنه يتشفى بذائقة منتقديه. لا يسعني الاطناب في المديح، وهذه ليست المرة الأولى أجد فيها أوستر بعيداً عن ذائقتي، لا أعلم، ربما لأنه [...]

    23. ،،،فالبداية كانت اللحظات الاولى عبارة عن ترقب و غموض استبشرت خيرا ،، ستكون هذه الرواية مليئة بأحداث مشوقة الا ان بول آستر اكتفى بالتحدث عن فاقد الذاكرة السيد بلانك الى ان وصلت الصفحة الاخيرة، رموز ورؤية ضبابية ومحاولات تذكر خائبة ،،

    24. Here’s something I wish I’d known before reading this book: Travels in the Scriptorium should not be the first Paul Auster you read. (Why didn’t I read a review?!) If I’d done my research rather than impulsively grabbing this off a table because of its quirky cover (a horse! in a room!) I would have known that this is Auster’s thirteenth novel and his most navel-gazing, almost a note to longtime fans. As a newcomer, I didn’t realize that all of the secondary characters were drawn fro [...]

    25. The first Paul Auster I've read where I totally get why some people dislike not just him, but his writing.Felt like a little self-indulgent quick smarty-pants bullshit project/trick, or maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to appreciate it. Glad it was short or I never would have finished it (though, annoyingly, it IS something you feel like you need to get to the end of which only helps make you feel manipulated into "getting" it in more ways than one).I guess I was supposed to feel really d [...]

    26. Bizarre. So bizarre, I was actually frustrated at one point. That might have been more because of other life-happenings than because of the book, so I will discount the frustration part. But only a little.I picked this up at the library book sale, knowing Auster is on the 1001 list. I didn't have the list with me, and hoped this would be among his titles. It isn't. Neither is the other one I picked up at the same time, but I'll happily read it. Also those titles that are on the list. In spite of [...]

    27. أتعجب من قدرة بول أوستر على اجتذاب القارئ إلى مستنقع الكآبة والتيه بسهولة ودون شعور أو رغبة من قارئه.رواية حول معضلة الكاتب وشخصياته الروائية التي يفعل بها الأفاعيل وتعاني الأمرين جراء حبكاته ومصائبه المبتكرة التي يرسمها لهؤلاء الأبطال. معضلة تؤرق كل كاتب حين يسقط في دوامة [...]

    28. سریسلی؟ :| نه واقعا؟تا قبل از چند صفحه ی آخر تصمیم داشتم سه بدم ولی با این اتفاقی که پایان داستان افتادحقیقتا باید بگم که این دو یی که میدم برای اینه که طرز نوشتن نویسنده رو دوست داشتم و اینکه طوری بود که دوست داشتم ادامه رو بخونم بدون اینکه خسته بشم یا هرچیولی خب با این پایانش :| [...]

    29. هرچند ممکنه آدم تو روال دایره‌وار داستان گیج و گم بشه ولی باز هم اینقدر ایده‌پردازی و داستان‌سرایی "پل اُستر" قوی و روونه که آدم چشم باز میکنه میبینه عجیب مجذوب داستان شده. برای من قلم اُستر همیشه جذاب بوده؛ حتی پایان‌بندی‌های منحصر به فردش هم کم‌کم داره برام معنا پیدا میکن [...]

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