One Monday Morning

One Monday Morning One Monday morning the king the queen and the little prince came to visit me But i wasn t home

  • Title: One Monday Morning
  • Author: Uri Shulevitz
  • ISBN: 9780374456481
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Monday morning the king, the queen, and the little prince came to visit me But i wasn t home .

    One thought on “One Monday Morning”

    1. As the boy who lives in a tenement looks out the window on a rainy day, he begins a story about a king, a queen and a little price who visited him, but he was not home. Then, as the story progresses, more days and more characters are added on to the ensemble until on Sunday, when the cast of characters is complete, the little boy is home to greet his company. And, the reader discovers that the little boy's imagination allowed him to invent his company while he was playing with a deck of cards un [...]

    2. The illustrations in this book are just wonderful and it's worth it just for that.The story itself is so very simple that it practically tells itself. It concerns an imaginative boy barely missing meetings with a disappointed young prince and his increasingly large entourage. In fact, the story is so simple and predictable, that I could probably recite it from memory even though its been more than a year since I read it. But there is a certain power in that, especially for children of a simple a [...]

    3. A great read outloud with any age! Children love to guess what might happen next. Will the narrator meet the royal family? Like many of Shulevitz's stories, this story reminds us we have to be open to using our imagination.

    4. An interesting book. Not really bad and my six-year-old liked it. But nothing stood out for me in this title. Not good. Not bad.

    5. One Monday morning I picked up this book off of the library shelf and absolutely fell in love with it. This Uri Shulevitz picture book tells us the story of a young boy who is visited by a royal family - but each time they visit, he's out doing some chore or another. Every day of the week, a new person from the castle joins the crowd filing into the young boy's apartment. The story itself is written with a very simple rhythm, and is very easy to follow as the majority of the words are repeated o [...]

    6. This picture book is a simple children's book that tells the story of a young boy never being home to meet up with his friend, a young prince, and his rather large entourage. Each day, the prince and one additional member of his entourage try to stop by the young boy's home only to find that the young boy is never home. This continues until many of the royal entourage are traveling to the young boy's house to see him. This book, although very simple in plot, does a great job in teaching about th [...]

    7. Uri Shulevitz, inspired by a traditional French song, tells the story of boy who is never home. Normally that would not be a problem but in this case, the King, the Queen, the little prince, the knight, the royal guard and others are attempting to visit him. They come to the boy's apartment every day of the week each time another person tags along. Finally, on Sunday, the boy is homeaying with a deck of cards.Uri Shulevitz's illustrations are wonderful and the boy's imagination is splendid. Fun [...]

    8. I remember learning the French song this is based on back in school, which was an extra little perk. The illustrations of NYC create such atmosphere and a wonderful backdrop to the brightly colored visitors. I love how the visitors take up more and more of the page, as if they're growing. And then the end has a sweet little surprise. As an adult I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to sharing it with kids.

    9. This is a cute and very easy to read book. It repeats words over and over. The little boy is using great imagination. Each day of the week the King, Queen and prince come to visit every successive day finding the little boy to not be home. This can work as an addition lesson because each day they add one more to their group. This book is great for K - 2nd grade.

    10. My first encounter with this book was as a "math book of the month" back at my old school. I need to remember to come back to it as there are so many good math concepts involveds of the week, identifying patterns, ordinal numbers, etc. Plus my kids loved the illustrations and the titles of the visitors. the royal barber to the royal jester!

    11. I read this picture book in preparation for a 10-day course in craft of children's literature, with a focus on writing with pictures. Fabulous illustations, with just a whisper of words to set the young reader off on a picture book voyage.I wanted to save it for Monday morning, but I couldn't stop myself from reading it Sunday afternoon.

    12. I love this book for its illustrations of NYC before the chains and the malling of SoHo (it's like Woody Allen's New York pictured in a kid's book); and for its depiction of a child's great imagination, which keeps him entertained with just what's on hand while it's raining outside. It's also good for learning the days of the week and the repetition helps with spelling.

    13. This is an excellent book about days of the weeks and adding one more of something each day. Love the creativeness of the little boy during rainy days. The illustrations build excitement and give a sense of space getting more and more crowded as the week goes on. Very nice read.

    14. Cute book with a clever ending. Must not have been Madelyn's style - she only let me read it to her once.

    15. It was a good book to introduce repetition and has catchy phrases. If children are interesting in writing, i would really recommend this author so children can learn a writer's craft.

    16. My mom read this to my brother and I all the time while growing up. Cool story about imagination. And introduces days of the week and nobility to kids as well. One of my favorites growing up!!!

    17. While it's a cumulative picture book, the storytelling here, especially visual storytelling, is tremendously sophisticated.The second line comes as such a surprise!So well done.

    18. Notes:love the illustrations -- starts out dull and rainy and ends so colorfullysimple repetitive text the kids really liked

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