The Care & Feeding of Pirates

The Care Feeding of Pirates Book in the Regency Pirates series This is a full length novel words twenty six chapters Honoria Ard has a secret Four years ago the notorious pirate Christopher Raine arrested and condemn

  • Title: The Care & Feeding of Pirates
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 3 in the Regency Pirates series This is a full length novel 80,000 words, twenty six chapters.Honoria Ard has a secret Four years ago, the notorious pirate Christopher Raine, arrested and condemned for stealing a ship full of gold bound for Napoleon, makes one last request of Honoria She grants it, and Christopher is taken out to be hanged Or was he HonorBook 3 in the Regency Pirates series This is a full length novel 80,000 words, twenty six chapters.Honoria Ard has a secret Four years ago, the notorious pirate Christopher Raine, arrested and condemned for stealing a ship full of gold bound for Napoleon, makes one last request of Honoria She grants it, and Christopher is taken out to be hanged Or was he Honoria couldn t have seen him alive again in the rather thick fog outside Covent Garden Theatre, could she Christopher is long dead and gone, Honoria s secret with him Her life has moved on, and now she s betrothed to a respectable English gentleman.Christopher has other ideas His sentence commuted at the last minute, Christopher was press ganged onto a ship bound for Asia, and he s spent the last four years working to return home and get everything back his crew, his treasure, and Honoria Ard his wife Meet the crew of the Starcross, and revisit the crews of the Argonaut and the Majesty for pirate fun and adventure

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    1. This early historical romance by Jennifer Ashley definitely doesn't have the finesse of the later MacKenzies series, but it's diverting.Unfortunately it's the third or fourth in a series and I only read one of the earlier ones. And that was a while ago. I did get the feeling I was missing something. Unfortunately these books are not available for Kindle -- they went on sale and I grabbed all that I could way back when and then they disappeared -- so I can't read The Pirate Hunter which I think m [...]

    2. 3.5 stars This was a very satisfying end to the Pirates books by Jennifer Ashley. Christopher and Honoria's story was hot and emotional. Torn apart for years, Honoria thinks her husband is dead. She is getting married to someone else.But Christopher is not about to let his wife get away from him, she's his. End of. But he wants her to love him.We have pirates, buried treasure, missing crew, tragic backstories, lost love. All together made a very pleasurable read. Old friends were back from the p [...]

    3. I think I just read a string of truly excellent historical novels lately and this just didn't grab me. I usually fly through these things and I kind've picked through this one. I think my main problem was that the h/h were hot and heavy from page one. I like my romances built up. Jennifer Ashley is a good author and I'm looking forward to Lady Isabella coming out this summer, so I have that to look forward to.

    4. Re-edited, polished re-release of Care & Feeding of Pirates. A full-length novel, 3rd in the Regency Pirates series.

    5. I didn't think that I would like this book as much as the others but it is the best one of the series. Honoria, Sister to James Ardmore, met, fell in love and gave herself to pirate Christopher Raine when she was younger. Her brother hunter him, had him arrested and he was hung for being a pirate. Four years after his death, Christopher returns to claim his wife. Christopher's return from death is nothing short of miraculous. He lived in hell for four years with only one thought in his mind - Ho [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, from the moment that I picked this up and looked at the cover I knew I was going to enjoy reading The Care And Feeding of Pirates I haven't had the chance to read many books from Jennifer Ashley but I have read the other books in the series in the past, and definitely looked forward to Honoria's story. It starts out with Honoria imagining or thinking that she is imagining seeing her dead husband, Christopher Raine, who was hanged for pirating. Four years p [...]

    7. I liked the fact that they had married long ago and he hadn’t been with anyone else since then, and she believed him to be dead and so had moved on and was engaged to someone else. But I didn’t understand why she was engaged to that wimp of a man because she doesn’t even like him; the author really didn’t make it clear either. He’s jealous of the other man, and instantly wants to break off their engagement, but Honoria doesn’t let him have his way so easily. She says he doesn’t lov [...]

    8. Ummed and Ahhd over whether to give this a 4 or 5 star rating (probably more a 4.5) but as this is easily my favourite book of the series, I decided to be generous.I was equally smitten by the two main characters. With Christopher because he was rough around the edges, demanding, and determined to be a bad ass and with Honoria because she managed to remain 'mostly' calm and ladylike, yet loved nothing more than to stand firm and challenge said bad ass! Add in Christopher's half-sister, Honoria's [...]

    9. I didn't like this as much as the first two in the series. Not as much adventure or thrills (odd, considering that the hero is a pirate (semi-retired) and they're going treasure hunting).I did like the characters, but felt the action was seriously lacking. 2.5 stars.

    10. Well, I finished the book. The relationship between the h/h seemed to be based entirely on sex and there was little depth to either of them. It's too bad because they started out as interesting characters and in another book in the series were definetly interesting.

    11. A SOLID 3.5 STARS!One of the reason I enjoyed this story is how the hero isn't afraid to say ' I LOVE YOU' to the heroine, like FOR ONCE! A hero who is man enough to admit his softer side and take charge of what he wants.OUR HERO was supposed to have died at the hangman's noose, except circumstances changed when the heroine's brother owed him an abrupt favour and saved his neck, transporting him on a Chinese Merchant ship where he toiled as an ordinary sailor. 4 years before, he wedded to the be [...]

    12. Ok, I am starting this review off with a side note: I started taking notes and writing my thoughts down about 1/2 through the book, around chapter 14-15. The first part of the book I just couldn't get into and it was because of the two main characters.  I didn't like the hero. He was too cold hearted, too emotionally distant, and somewhat insensitive to the heroine at times. The heroine wasn't emotionally strong enough for him. He definitely needed a woman with more of a backbone with a less g [...]

    13. Now that her brother James has married his Diana, Honoria needs to make a new life of her own. She doesn’t feel she is the lady of the house anymore, even though she has taken care of it all her life. She doesn’t really like her brother James, who is cold and standoffish with everyone except his wife. The men in Charleston don’t interest her, and so she has gone to London with Diana, and found herself a suitor she can like. Not love though. She is still in love with her late husband, the f [...]

    14. Despite the silly title, I found this the most likeable book in the series. Yet again, Ashley serves up a great adventure, which does much to offset some cheesy elements. Honoria, the younger sister of James Ardmore (villain of The Pirate Next Door, and "hero" of The Pirate Hunter) is visiting England with her sister-in-law Diana when she happens to see a familiar face across the street. A face she shouldn't be seeing, since its owner is supposed to be dead. Its owner is also her husband--inconv [...]

    15. I love Jennifer Ashley's historicals. I think her Mackenzie series is so nuanced and fresh and lushly detailed. I knew this series was older, and I was okay with that. I actually like reading older books of my favorite authors because you can really see how they've grown as writers and storytellers. Reading through their backlist really highlights what makes an author special (Julia Quinn has always been brill, and Lisa Kleypas has always written interesting stories, even if her older stories ar [...]

    16. i enjoyed it because the characters from the first two series are in it but in general this story seemed much less polished. Honorias character is said to be disobedient and fiery, but yet christopher only had to look at her and she would turn into a drivelling ball of hormonal lust. Christopher seemed to only love her for her beauty, but i dont blame him! there wasnt much else to the womane beginning is very promising and had me hooked, but what really lets this book down is the lack of sexual [...]

    17. I liked this.It wasok.I spent more time wondering about the previous books-that i did not read-than getting in to this plot line as much as I wanted to!I'm sorry for that,and I will try to go back to this in the future-after I get the first two books.But all that aside this work of literature was well written-as are many Ashleys books.She is a capital writer and she has and amazing imagination!I liked Cris,more then his wife but most of all I loved Manda!I wish she had a book of her own and was [...]

    18. Honoria Ardmore and Christopher Raine's book. The Care & Feeding of Pirates was the third book in Jennifer Ashley's pirate series. I think I liked this one the most out of the 3. The book wasn't very piraty and the book could have been called "How a Pirate Retires". Having said that, I enjoyed reading all about the voyage on the ship and there was some great action while Christopher and his friends all rescued his sister Manda. I really enjoyed reading the continuation of the other couples i [...]

    19. Definitely four and a half stars. Its a fun read with lots of exciting, intense and lol moments. Christopher returns to Honoria's life like the ghost who walks and promptly turns her well ordered world upside down. Honoria has loved, lost and now hardened her heart and Christopher's determined campaign to win her over has her mesmerised, while her pirate hunting brother has her remembering all that's gone before. The hero is determined not to talk about feelings while the heroine wants nothing l [...]

    20. Honoria had been infatuated with the pirate Christopher Raine for years. Then she met him, kissed him, and let him touch her intimately and her fascination grew. Years later she went to see him before his supposed hanging and wedded and bedded him with no one the wiser. Now he is back and is claiming all that is his, especially his passionate wife. Honoria's head is unsure but her body wants his and her heart realizes that she is in love with him when she thinks him dead again. Adventurous and e [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book so much, I have to say its more like 4.5 stars. I loved Christopher and his sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Christopher and Honoria. They had wonderful love for one another right from the start.Here's my Christopher after he was rescued(and wet)!

    22. I really enjoyed this book although I didn't realize it was the last in a series so I'll have to find the others now. This was also my first by this author, and I really liked her writing style so yea!!I was not a fan of the brother; he seemed like a jerk through the ending, but maybe reading his story will help me like him more. Other than that, I really don't have anything major to say. It was a good story with characters I enjoyed, and a journey that was pleasant to read about.I'll be looking [...]

    23. this was a good book wasnt spectacular or anything, but im glad i bought it was irritating that the girl always wanted to talk things out and the guy always disttracted her with kisses or something.i mean, it was annoying that she always wanted to talk,but it was kind of rude on his part that he never wanted to talk hers like she was only good for her body, and beyond that he didnt wanna bother with her.

    24. Loved the whole series I'm not going to write the story in Cliff Notes for you, that's what the description is for. If you've read the first two books you have to wrap it up with this one. The epilogue is fabulous. The story is great and there are steamy sexy times. What more do you need to know?

    25. Great story! Honoria and Christopher marry in secret on the day before his death. However, four years later he returns to capture his wife and take her off on a search for gold. Honoria is a sassy woman who knows what she wants. Christopher Raine wants it all. But can he have it? A worthwhile read!

    26. In the third book she turns around and makes the hero from the second book come across as a jerk again. Not enjoyable. Also, the romance between the protagonists in this book seems to be based on lust at first kiss. There doesn't seem to be any basis for love. not bad, but the first book is definitely the most enjoyable of the trilogy.

    27. I haven't much to say here except this wasn't a terribly pirate-y book. I've never really been much of one for regency romances and this definitely fit that category. All the characters were simply trying to hard to maintain an air of geniality that it really missed the mark. The characters might as well have been taking a day cruise on a yacht. Unfortunate.

    28. I really enjoy this series. I love the whole naughty pirate having their way with proper young ladies. This book start slowly and at some bits honoira really bugged me with the "I can't love u" but by half way the book really picked up and all character from the pervious book got involved. Loved the HEA. really liked Mr Henderson getting his story too.

    29. I would have given it three stars, but the epilogue knocked it down to two stars. Too many random plots and plot holes, characters that should have been interesting weren't, too much telling instead of showing. Not up to the Jennifer Ashley standard I'm used to.

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