In Darkness Bound

In Darkness Bound Data Collection by Dalhousie Dr Donna L Patient New confused His powers unknown Patient No longer viable in the test pool he remains in isolation Patient Reclassified to staff status Useful

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  • Title: In Darkness Bound
  • Author: ChristinePrice
  • ISBN: 9781426890574
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • Data Collection by Dalhousie, Dr Donna L.Patient 331New, confused His powers unknown.Patient 289No longer viable in the test pool, he remains in isolation.Patient 77Reclassified to staff status Useful, malleable.Confined in a sterile research facility and treated like a lab rat, Chris is alone and terrified His special powers are his only escape, allowing him to psychiData Collection by Dalhousie, Dr Donna L.Patient 331New, confused His powers unknown.Patient 289No longer viable in the test pool, he remains in isolation.Patient 77Reclassified to staff status Useful, malleable.Confined in a sterile research facility and treated like a lab rat, Chris is alone and terrified His special powers are his only escape, allowing him to psychically connect with other patients.Alone in his cell for longer than he can remember, Vance is hungry When newcomer Chris makes a mental connection, Vance is intrigued and soon wants than just conversation.Chris and Vance seek comfort with each other, and with Simon the only staff member who s shown them a hint of compassion Their relationships develop during stolen moments, and they turn their thoughts to escape But as Dr Dalhousie s madness spirals, than cell walls threaten to keep them apart

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    1. Overwhelming… this book made me bite my nails… and If was not totally gross I would eat everyone near my nails! I couldn’t take my eyes of this book![image error]It’s a suspense, comedy, erotic, paranormal-romance, horror… depends on the part you read - you will say one of the above.About the story (without spoilers)The story starts scaring the hell of you! And that’s amazing! I love when the writer go right to the point without useless information. Chris, a paranormal, is kidnapped [...]

    2. what. the fuck.Just when I think I figure things outApparently, I missed the memo on the vampies.I really wanted them to come up with some kind of pretentious governmental mumbo-jumbo name for vamps and THEN have everyone ignore it and call 'em vamps instead. That would have helped cinch the whole thing a loooot better.It could also have benefitted from more overt hints/clues before the whole vampy thing came out. Little things that you wouldn't really startle at but once the vampy thing came ou [...]

    3. I love a good Urban Fantasy and when I saw this at Carina Press, I was intrigued by the setting and how the ménage romance was going to work.Chris is a telepath who has hidden his powers all his life after accidentally murdering his older brother. He’s dossing his way through college by picking the answers out of his tutor’s minds. When one of his tutors becomes suspicious it leads to Chris being brought to the attention of Dr Donna Dalhousie, who captures Chris and locks him up in her faci [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Very good m/m/m paranormal romantic suspense that I had to read after readingThe Usual Apocalypse . And maybe I was more forgiving of its faults than I might've been if I'd read it first, but it totally sucked me in and worked for me.

    5. In Darkness Bound succeeds as a thrilling urban fantasy story but fails at the romance. Urban fantasy fans will likely enjoy the familiar plot that has all the hallmarks of government conspiracies, torturous research, and love under duress. In many ways this plot is simply a re-tread of numerous other urban fantasy stories. It offers nothing particularly inventive or new in any way yet the fresh writing keeps the plot interesting even if well worn. The UF genre is littered with books rehashing t [...]

    6. This blurb had me hook, line, and sinker and I was extremely excited to read In Darkness Bound. Most of the book takes place in a sterile research facility run by the vicious Dr. Dalhousie. Chris has been kidnapped and taken due to his psychic ability.This story is full of tense moments and gasp out loud moments, which disrupted Mr. Smokin’ xbox concentration (sorry hubs xoxo). Although this isn’t a m/m romance I thought the action and suspense took center stage you didn’t really notice or [...]

    7. You’re probably looking at the cover and thinking you already know what this book is about… and you’d be about half right.Chris Kincaid is studying veterniary medicine, but not because he wants to be a vet. No, it’s what his brother wanted… his brother he accidentally killed when his psychic powers lashed out. Now he’s ‘cheating’ his way through classes, picking the answers out of the professor’s mind, trying to live the life his brother would have lived.But things change when [...]

    8. I loved this one. Just creepy enough to keep me on edge, and wondering what was going to happen to who! The narrator did an excellent job, and I am hoping he is kept for the rest of the series. Great mood,intonation, pacing, and I think he does a great job at the different character's voices.Reminded me a little bit of another sci fi/fantasy I recently read.t the historical one, but the other contemporary one that is setting up for a series 'Seven', it was calledAnyway,seeing a theme here that I [...]

    9. Fantastic suspense and the cliffhanger ending killed me! I just wish there were more scenes to understand their dynamic as a threesome. I understood their relationships with each other on a one-on-one basis, but I was left unsure of how they fit together as a menage, sexually and emotionally.

    10. As someone who normally steers away from novels involving the paranormal I actually enjoyed this book. This is the second novel that I've read recently that has involved 'out of body' experiences and I found this one a little more believable. Chris uses his ability to make connections with other patients in the research facility that he's been abducted to. I think that I enjoyed this because it was not the central focus of the novel. The plot focused on the patients finding a way to escape the t [...]

    11. As always, I'm going to warn readers that the pairings in this book are M/M & M/M/M. If you don't care for pairings of this nature then this will probably not be the book for you. That said, on with the show!Chris has always been different. He's been all too aware of that ever since his brother died when they were very young- a death that Chris feels that his strange abilities were responsible for. When Chris is suddenly abducted & forced to take part in sadistic tests given by a doctor [...]

    12. SoAn Angel, a Psychic and a Vampire walk into a bar that isn't right.An Angel, a Psychic and a Vampire get abducted, drugged and jailed in a "research facility" for magical persons ok- well, that is a little closer to the underlying storyline. (unfortunately- the first one would have been way more amusing)'In Darkness Bound' was what I like to call m/m "light." In my opinion, it was also very close to a YA type read. Suspenseful however, it was not.That being said This book isn't bad. It is a bi [...]

    13. This was an interesting story. Towards the end, the rating dropped towards 2 but in the end I'll give this a 3 star rating.(view spoiler)[I was drawn to Chris from the beginning, after he lost his brother (or thought he did) and spent the next years trying to live up to his expectations. I was glad he found someone to trust and support him while being imprisoned by Dalhousie. The methods she used to torture/blackmail/isolate the 3 men seemed a bit off, as I didn't understand very well how the co [...]

    14. This was a very good menage paranormal read, even though the only time we actually have the menage is at the very end of the story. Boy was Dr. Dalhousie a total evil bitch. What she put all the boys through was just horrible. We have a slow burn of feelings for Chris, Simon & Vance. Jack LeFleur did a great job narrating this story. Loved Matt & Tate, they were perfect partners. Can't wait to listen to the next book in the series.

    15. Dear lord what a journey this book was. It was dark and emotionally painful. I felt at times I was being tortured along with the characters and feared I would end it all when the story ended. BUT the ending was happy enough to save us all. True, I wished the evil bitch had suffered more but I was happy. I hear that the next book is completed and has been submitted, I can't wait to read it.

    16. С обоснуем в книге все плохо-плохо-плохо, но зато все остальное в ней очень хорошо :) Вторая книга серии вышла пободрее, автор раскачалась, но и тут видно, что ей есть что рассказать.

    17. Review of In Darkness Bound , by Christine Price4 starsI enjoyed this combination psychological thriller / paranormal romance. It is written in third person shifting POV which the author handles adroitly. Many times this voice might be awkward but it works well in this story, allowing the reader to get into the heads of all the main characters.It starts out with a young college student named Chris who has some psychic power which seems to have caused the death of his older brother when he was on [...]

    18. I honestly don't know why this book is rated so low. It's fantastic. The entire book keeps the tension, there are only a couple awkward conversations, but the supernatural is fantastical-it's not campy. Who wouldn't want to be able to converse telepathically? Or fall in love with a vampire? And I like that they didn't make the angel vengeful like SOME authors ohmygod. And the demon gave me CHILLS. The romance was great-well paced, taken seriously, a natural relaxed development. Did I mention the [...]

    19. This was a lot more interesting than I was expecting.Menage is hit or miss for me. This time aroundI was about middle ground.I love paranormal, when it's done right.This one had me interested in the world. I'm mostly sold on it. I'd like to read more.I really liked Matt, and hope he is in the next book.I liked Chris. I would have liked to have gotten more of him outside of the institute. Maybe he'll be in future books.Simon was okay.Vance was okay.Patient 66? Hmmmrigued. More please.

    20. 4 StarsStarted off slow, seemed to wind and wend it's way nowhere for a bitbut once the story seemed to develop (with the personal relationships) it went a lot more smoothly. The narration helped (Jack LaFleur's voice is very authoritative).I'd definitely be interested in the next one because what I thought was a PVS (if not death) for Brennan when he was a kid seems not to be the case at all

    21. Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews:I believe everyone knows of the old saying 'you should never judge a book by it's cover'. Me? Well, I tend to pointedly ignore this little gem of advice. In truth, most of the novels I choose to read come from one of two categories if not both. First, the cover. Beautiful covers tend to win me over quickly and I can't seem to resist the allure they present. Secondly, the synopsis. If a book sounds amazing then the chances are pretty high that I'm going to [...]

    22. **4.5 Stars**In Darkness Bound was soooo FANTASTIC I hardly know where to begin!!!This book was so refreshingly different from everything that I have been reading, I didn't want it to end. It was dark and eerily seductive and boy did it start with a hellava bang. From the moment Chris Kincaid is abducted and wakes up in a creepy facility, I felt my pulse leap to life and my attention was glued to the pages for fear of what would happen to him.Locked away in his room screaming for hours, we disco [...]

    23. At the heart of In Darkness Bound is a love story, but instead of your traditional love triangle where one party must choose between the other two, this involves a trio of men who have to figure out how to balance their needs and passions amongst all of them. There are some lovely complexities, including Simon's inability to believe he deserves a happy-ever-after. To make a reader believe in the love between two characters is a difficult feat, but Price manages to make the reader believe in thre [...]

    24. I wasn't quite sure what to think about this when I started. It is about a group called the Society who appears to monitor and is made up of a network of people and beings with psychic abilities. A rogue doctor has been studying, researching and performing experiments on a few patients/prisoners. These include Chris, the latest acquisition who has numerous abilities that include projection; Vance, a vampire who has basically been starved to see how different things affect his regenerative abilit [...]

    25. I'll start by saying that I read book 2 : The Usual Apocalypse before book 1. Obviously I didn't do it on purpose. And I think it changed my opinion about book 1. First, I'm not a big fan of a multiple-POV book. There were so many POV here, at least 6 characters I think. The chapters were too short and it felt like there was a lack of transition between them sometimes. Then, I also had some difficulties to imagine the characters in my head because they weren't well described. Finally, the more I [...]

    26. I thought I might have a hard time getting into this book at first. The patient case files listed at the beginning made the story feel really dry. But it didn't take long for the story to get very interesting. There was danger, conspiracy, and romance. The story for Simon, Chris, and Vance was settled in this book for the most part aside from Chris finding his long lost brother. The society which seems to keep track of people with paranormal gifts has someone in it's ranks that wants to use the [...]

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