La dama e l'unicorno

La dama e l unicorno un giorno della Quaresima del a Parigi un giorno davvero particolare per Nicolas des Innocents pittore di insegne e miniaturista conosciuto a corte per la sua mano ferma nel dipingere volti gra

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  • Title: La dama e l'unicorno
  • Author: Tracy Chevalier Massimo Ortelio
  • ISBN: 9788873059363
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • un giorno della Quaresima del 1490 a Parigi, un giorno davvero particolare per Nicolas des Innocents, pittore di insegne e miniaturista conosciuto a corte per la sua mano ferma nel dipingere volti grandi come un unghia, e al Coq d Or e nelle altre taverne al di qua della Senna per la sua mano lesta con le servette di bell aspetto Jean Le Viste, il signore dagli occhi co un giorno della Quaresima del 1490 a Parigi, un giorno davvero particolare per Nicolas des Innocents, pittore di insegne e miniaturista conosciuto a corte per la sua mano ferma nel dipingere volti grandi come un unghia, e al Coq d Or e nelle altre taverne al di qua della Senna per la sua mano lesta con le servette di bell aspetto Jean Le Viste, il signore dagli occhi come lame di coltello, il gentiluomo le cui insegne sono ovunque tra i campi e gli acquitrini di Saint Germain des Pr s, proprio come lo sterco dei cavalli, l ha invitato nella Grande Salle della sua casa al di l della Senna e in quella sala disadorna, nonostante il soffitto a cassettoni finemente intagliato, gli ha commissionato non stemmi imponenti o vetrate colorate o miniature delicate ma arazzi per coprire tutte le pareti Arazzi immensi che raffigurino la battaglia di Nancy, con cavalli intrecciati a braccia e gambe umane, picche, spade, scudi e sangue a profusione Una commissione da parte di Jean Le Viste significa cibo sulla tavola per settimane e notti di bagordi al Coq d Or, e Nicolas, che pu resistere a tutto fuorch alle delizie della vita, non ha esitato un istante ad accettare Non ha esitato, per , nemmeno ad annuire davanti alla proposta di Genevi ve de Nanterre, moglie di Jean Le Viste e signora di quella casa Forse perch incantato dalle grazie di Claude, la giovane figlia dei Le Viste, una bellissima fanciulla dall incarnato pallido, la fronte alta, il naso affilato e i capelli color miele, o forse perch intimorito dagli occhi neri come il ribes di Genevi ve de Nanterre, Nicolas ha sorriso quando, nel chiuso della sua stanza, davanti a una finestra aperta che faceva da cornice a una splendida veduta di Saint Germain des Pr s, Genevi ve gli ha ingiunto di non raffigurare cavalli, elmi o sangue sugli arazzi, ma una dama e un unicorno, simboli di seduzione, della giovinezza e dell a

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    1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!I found Lady and the Unicorn even better than Girl with a Pearl Earring. I felt utterly transported to the middle ages and immersed in a very good tale, immaculately told.As she did with The Girl With the Pearl Earring, Tracy Chevalier takes a classic work of art and artfully spins a tale inspired by the original which becomes an original itself.It was specially fascinating living among the Brussels weavers and coming to understand the magnitude of their task. One [...]

    2. In the same vein as her book Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Lady and the Unicorn is a fictional account of the story surrounding the creation of the famed Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, now housed at the Musee national du Moyen-Age (Musee Cluny) in Paris. This topic was particularly intriguing to me, since I'd seen the tapestries in person back in 2001.While the book provides a really interesting up-close look at the design and weaving processes, I could have done with out the rest of the stor [...]

    3. Από τα καλύτερα βιβλία που διάβασα το τελευταίο διάστημα!! Το ξεκίνησα εχθές με μία επιφύλαξη αλλά σήμερα που το συνέχισα διαψεύσθηκα. Η Chevalier ξεδιπλώνει μια ιστορία , με τα ελάχιστα στοιχεία που είναι γνωστά από ιστορικής άποψης, με αριστοτεχνικό τρόπο. Οι ήρωες, τα γεγονότ [...]

    4. What I learned from this book is I should never ever read anything by this author ever again. A friend of mine was enthralled by The Virgin Blue and requested I read it. Although I hated it I thought I'd possibly give The Lady and the Unicorn a chance since I love art history. Sadly, I cannot say I liked a single thing about this book. I hated the plot, story, characters and writing style. Hated.

    5. I hope someone has pointed out to Tracy Chevalier that if you are going to have seven different narrators for your story, you really need to give each of them a distinctive voice. This is a major failing of this novel, which I found plodding and flat, and lacking in any genuine exploration of character or motivation. The harsh working lives of the weavers are described in some detail but the description doesn't connect with the characters. And also, if you are going to use the first person in a [...]

    6. I am impressed. I never thought this book would be as lovely as Girl with a Pearl Earring: /review/show/! First let me just explain that this is a book of historical fiction. In the Museé National du Moyen-Age we can today see the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. They are six tapestries, each representing one of our five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and the sixth, that one is known as Á Mon Seul Désir, for these words are found woven there. In English the translation would be: my [...]

    7. If I ever read the word maidenhead again in a novel, I will vomit from the flashback of reading this book.

    8. Sekumpulan permadani ditemukan pada tahun 1841 oleh Prosper Mérimée, seorang dramawan, sejarawan, dan arkeolog Prancis bersama dengan temannya, George Sand. Mereka menemukannya ketika menginap di Château de Boussac Prancis tengah. Ternyata permadani itu bukan sembarang permadani, itu adalah permadani dari abad pertengahan yang akhirnya membawa kontribusi besar pada sejarah abad pertengahan Prancis.Siapa sebenarnya perancang atau pembuat permadani ini sebenarnya tidak diketahui. Tracy Chevalie [...]

    9. Was hoping to enjoy The Lady and the Unicorn after reading Burning Bright a few years earlier, which is, to be honest, far superior to this. After the action moves away from the Le Viste family, it kind of goes downhill from there. Nicholas is thoroughly unlikeable as a character (whether this was meant to be deliberate or not, I couldn't tell). The only interesting person was Genevieve de Nanterre. Also, what's the deal with Chevalier missing out on the chance to use Jean Le Viste's narrative v [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. I really liked the description of the weaving process of the Flemish tapestries, starting with the drawings, the daily lives of artisans and nobles, and to imagine life in Brussels at that time. I kept this book so I could read it while visiting the city and it was great to visit some of the places described in it. This being said, I would have liked the book to have more historical information and less romance, which at times even seemed a bit cheesy

    11. The story of The Lady and the Unicorn is quite interesting: according to the author they were rediscovered by Prosper Merimee in 1841 and he found them in poor condition. Georges Sand became their champion, writing about them in articles, novels and her journal. In 1992 the French government bought the tapestries for the Musee de Cluny in Paris - where they still hang, restored and in a specially appointed room.I didn't enjoy this book as much as The Girl with a Pearl Earring. And certainly Chri [...]

    12. Ini yang disebut dengan a great historical romance novel!Buku dengan latar belakang Perancis tahun 1490 bercerita tentang Nicholas yang ditugaskan bangsawan kaya untuk membuat permadani demi merayakan kenaikan pangkatnya. Tidak hanya itu novel ini juga menceritakan sepak terjang pelukis berbakat namun genitnya yang tidak ketulungan dengan berbagai wanita yang ia temui. Mulai dari anak bangsawan yang menyewanya sampai anak gadis tukang tenun permadani.Uniknya, Lady dan Unicorn diceritakan dari su [...]

    13. Everyone was kind of an idiot in this one.We have the stuck up nobleman who thinks he is all that.We have the artist who thinks he is god's gift to women. Ugh, what an ass. I wanted to slap him.The nobleman's stupid daughter, God, what an idiot.Then we moved on to Brussels to see the tapestry being made. Ok, that family was better. The daughter was better, but still, oh girl.I think the only sane person was the maid for the rich family. Sure she made mistakes too, but, I understood her.But the b [...]

    14. Leggendo La dama e l'unicorno mi sono trovata di fronte a una narrazione piacevole, che riesce a coniugare bene la descrizione di un interessante periodo storico (la fine del 1400 in varie zone d'Europa) con un altrettanto curioso elemento artistico, creando un connubio che è probabilmente ciò che questa autrice riesce a presentare al meglio. L'aspetto che ho più apprezzato all'interno del romanzo è sicuramente l'attenzione che ho percepito nel delineare il contesto in cui la vicenda si svol [...]

    15. I wanted to give this book 1½ stars, but rounded down to 1. I disliked the main character, the tapestry painter Nicolas des Innocents, by page 10, but I assumed that the author would have him grow and change as a person by the end of the book -- presumably through the process of creating the remarkable tapestries that inspired the novel. Sure, it's an obvious and almost cliché plot, but I don't need a crazy original plot in order to enjoy a book. Disappointed! He is still a pig at the end of t [...]

    16. Tracy ChevalierThe Lady and the UnicornNew York: Penguin, 2004250 pp. $23.950-525-94767-1“The Lady and the Unicorn,” written by Tracy Chevalier, is a historical fiction novel about medieval French tapestries which depict a woman seducing a unicorn. Although not much is known about the tapestries, Tracy Chevalier has written an excellent love story based on the few known facts. Jean Le Viste, a French nobleman, commissions a Parisian painter, Nicolas des Innocents, to create a set of six tape [...]

    17. Роман спада у жанр драма/љубавни, међутим, сви они који очекују неку срцепарајућу љубавну причу - разочараће се. Трејси Шевалије није писац љубавних романа, она је неко ко се заинтересује одређеним уметничким делом, занатом, историјском личношћу или догађајем, затим се посв [...]

    18. Jean Le Viste commissions painter Nicholas des Innocents to design six tapestries that will be hung in a grand hall within his magnificent Paris home. Jean is a conniving, deviously ambitious nobleman with a depressed wife and three daughters. The oldest daughter, Claude is beautiful and falls head over heals for Nicholas. Of course, this love is not meant to be, as Claude is nobility and Nicholas is just a mere painter, not to mention a womanizer and scoundrel, yet he is deliciously appealing. [...]

    19. This book reminded me of why I typically try to have as few preconceptions about novels as possible -- I avoid the summaries on the inside flap/back cover, rarely read reviews past the first few lines, and never examine cover art too closely. Otherwise, I start forming expectations of plot lines, style, and tone for the book, and usually end up (perhaps unfairly) disappointed when the book doesn't measure up.All that to say, I've seen the tapestries on which this book is based, and I was really [...]

    20. A set of medievel tapestries hang today in a chamber in Paris,portaying a women's seduction of a unicorn. The story behind the tapestry is unknown, but Tracy Chevalier weaves fact and fiction to help us unfold the story with her book,"The Lady and the Unicorn". The story takes place in 1490, Paris about a French nobleman who commisions six tapestries to be made, celebrating his rising status in court. He hires Nicolas des Innocents to design them, but Nicolas adds his own twist to the work and i [...]

    21. Sometimes it's those little books that you find on the discount shelf for $2 that are the best. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into with this book, I had never heard of these tapestries before I read the book. The books mixes the fiction and the history incredibly well so well that I found myself looking up the names to see if they were purely fiction or had actually lived. The main character, aside from the tapestries themselves, Nicolas de Innocents is the painter of the origin [...]

    22. Incredibly clunky and just flat-out dull. If you've read Girl With a Pearl Earring you can pretty much track where this story's going to go. It's very predictable and the sexual subplots were laughable in places. Sorry, Ms Chevalier, but this was just not worth my time, even for the really lovely scenes describing the tapestries (and those tapestries are amazing. Seriously, google them).

    23. Surprisingly not having very much at all to do with unicorns, this novel is a very well-written interpretation and fictional explanation for the famous tapestry of a lady and a unicorn in France.

    24. Oh! What a Tale She WeavesThis is my favorite kind of book. One to pick up, savor each word and never want to put down. Chevalier has a rich imagination, basing this historical fiction on an existing series of fine tapestries with questionable (undocumented) history, and telling the story through (nearly) all involved in their creation.We begin with the painter, Nicolas des Innocents, who conceptualizes the stories and major symbolisms of the work. A womanizer, he's brash and vain, yet his charm [...]

    25. Dreh- und Angelpunkt dieses historischen Romans sind die Wandteppiche "Dame mit dem Einhorn", die man heute noch im Pariser Museum Cluny bewundern kann. Die Geschichte konzentriert sich dabei ganz auf die (vermuteten) zwei Jahre ihres Entstehens von 1490 bis 1492 in Paris und Brüssel. Tracey Chevalier ist es wirklich gelungen, die spätmittelalterliche Welt des adligen Pariser Auftraggebers und vor allem die Werkstatt des Brüssler Wirkers, also des Tapisserieherstellers, zum Leben zu erwecken, [...]

    26. I have never quite clicked with Tracy Chevalier. Her subject matter is always attractive to me but the writing I find stiff; it's as if I can't quite get close enough to 'see'.whatever I am missing. So I never quite get involved in her story. My experience of this book followed the same pattern.

    27. Threads of history and fiction interestingly woven together, creating colourful symbolism and story telling.I have always admired this tapestry and will surely revisit it with new eyes and wonder.

    28. I read one Tracy Chevalier book before this one, "Remarkable Creatures", and liked it well enough. I enjoyed reading it, although it did not make my list of favorite reads of 2016. It was simple, clear, and not a huge time commitment, and I expected something similar from "The Lady and the Unicorn".Unfortunately, I was hugely disappointed. Almost every character in this book is a big jerk. I like complex characters and not every character has to be likable, but when every character is unlikeable [...]

    29. I liked this one okay. I started to enjoy it more in the second half of the book and that’s what bumped the rating up to 3 stars. The writing wasn’t as beautiful and textured as it was in The Girl With a Pearl Earring, which is one of my all time favorite books. Overall, I thought the writing was flat and felt kind of lifeless. I missed the lush descriptions that made the scenes in Pearl Earring just come alive. I also thought the sexual thread that ran throughout the story lacked the tensio [...]

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