Finder Survival along Therk s seedy coast is precarious Hounds rule the streets with fear and fists Former highwaymen now call themselves Merchants Spices rare since the desert swallowed the Spice Way are

  • Title: Finder
  • Author: Terri-Lynne DeFino
  • ISBN: 9780982946732
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Survival along Therk s seedy coast is precarious Hounds rule the streets with fear and fists Former highwaymen now call themselves Merchants Spices, rare since the desert swallowed the Spice Way, are forbidden to all but the wealthy and powerful Ethen s ability to Find lost objects has helped him survive in this world now, it s going to make him rich The Merchant JudSurvival along Therk s seedy coast is precarious Hounds rule the streets with fear and fists Former highwaymen now call themselves Merchants Spices, rare since the desert swallowed the Spice Way, are forbidden to all but the wealthy and powerful Ethen s ability to Find lost objects has helped him survive in this world now, it s going to make him rich The Merchant Juddah Luash has offered him a fortune, but not for an object he wants Found Juddah wants Ethen to Find a person, the escaped slave, Zihariel To find her brother, sold after the Purge of Calaira, Zihariel has fled her luxurious life as a musician performing for the wealthiest households in the desert She soon discovers the world is much bigger than she ever suspected, teeming with those who see her only as a pooni, an object to be bought and sold, used until she is used up Not even her music belongs to her, but to the Dommi sa who etches his mark onto her skin From the deserts of Therk to the island of Moscrea and across the Bloodbane Sea, Ethen and Zihariel lie and thieve their way to the great city of Bosbana There, Ethen s promised fortune and Zihariel s greatest performance await unless they sacrifice all to flee together into the Dragonbacks and become fugitives for the rest of their lives.

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    1. You know you've enjoyed a book when the second you finish, you already miss your new friends. Such was the case for me when I read FINDER by Terri-Lynne Defino. This magical story left me enchanted as I stepped into a world with unique characters and unusual settings. Suspense and emotion were brought to life through loss, love and music. Ethen is a charming, likeable hero and Zihariel's musical gift brought her own personal drama to life.Just when I thought I knew the entire story, the author m [...]

    2. This book surprised and delighted me. I was expecting a secondary-world adventure love story, but it was so much more. The love story is present, and central, but more important than the love story is the theme of families and family relationships. Yes, there's young love--including terribly painful, illicit young love (though that only comes up later in the story)--but there are also husbands and wives, there are children and parents, there are siblings, and the pain and love involved in all th [...]

    3. Wow! I thought I would not enjoy reading fantasy, but because I have enjoyed other books by Ms. DeFino so very much, and because the reviews of her fantasy books were such strong and wonderful reviews I took the plunge! I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK! I will be reading everything this very talented author writes. This book is filled with life, love, human flaws and cruelty, but most of all this book is filled with heart. I cannot begin to say enough about the structure of this tale and the journey the wri [...]

    4. I just read a wonderful fantasy called Finder by Terri-Lynne Defino, which is odd for me – Fantasy isn’t a genre that I’m drawn to very often. If they were all written like this one that might just change.Ms. DeFino created a fascinating world I pictured as a combination of desert and mountainous Middle Eastern countries sprinkled with a touch of exotic India. The society, its class system, language, food and customs all flowed naturally.The story revolves around Ethen Finder, a sly and cl [...]

    5. When I started reading this novel I expected an adventure, and it is there, beautifully portrayed in vivid descriptions and engaging characters. But as the tale progressed I also encountered superb storytelling, where clever clues and loose ends planted throughout two decades of struggle and hope are ultimately woven into a rewarding conclusion. As the author – Terri-Lynne DeFino – describes in the story, the experience does not just come full-circle, but rather it spirals upward, elevating [...]

    6. OMG! This book was the best thing I have read in years! I couldn't put it down!! The author had be hooked in the first few pages. I was in a whole different world, it was so exciting that I literally could not get anything done until I finished this book (sorry to my family, lol). The characters, the food, the spices, the customs, the landscape, and the adventure itself were so unique and riveting that I am sure they will turn this into a huge mind-blowing movie soon. I can't wait to read the ne [...]

    7. I was fortunate enough to wrangle an ARC of Finder away from my publisher, and what a treat! DeFino's world is lush, creative, and, set in an exotic desert world, not your traditional fantasy. Against this amazing backdrop she explores the themes of love and loss, slavery and freedom, friendship and family, and how the choices we make affect our own destiny. DeFino is a writer to watch, and I cannot wait for the sequel!

    8. I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this book ahead of time, and it was a total treat. It starts off like a rollicking fantasy, which is fun - but I really enjoyed how it's not just a romance and adventure, but what comes *after* the adventure. There's lots of excitement to be found here, but also broken promises, the lies we tell ourselves with the best intentions, and best of all: second chances.

    9. Finally a fantasy book where the characters, who are the "little people" in the richly-imagined world, hold the spotlight. I highly recommend this story, for that reason and many others. This book was a treat; it gives a snapshot of a middle-eastern-flavored fantasy world that kept me engaged. There are issues of race, slavery, politics, and illegal trafficking woven into what is, at its heart, a story about love and relationships between unexpected people.

    10. A great book with characters that make you fall in love and indentify with them. With an interesting plot and fabulous subplots that will have you reading until the last page.Terri-Lynne has a beautiful way of making you feel , smell , hear and see everything she writes.One of the best books I ever read.

    11. This is a wonderful piece of fiction. It is absolutely thick with incredible world-building that makes the mind savor every detail. DeFino is a unsung master of her genre, driving characters into the forefront of her fiction in a backdrop of love, magic, and loss. I highly recommend this book.

    12. I loved this book! Very engaging, and a great read :) DeFino's world is amazingly described, and her handling of characters and their relationship is fantastic. I highly recommend this book!

    13. This book was SO GOOD! Go buy it and read it right now. Why are you still reading this?? Go read this book!

    14. Wow awesome book. It sucked me in and transformed the world around me until I looked up and was shocked to be in Colorado. Highly recommend this one to anyone who likes Fantasy.

    15. Set in a richly imagined, Middle-Eastern flavored fantasy world, Finder is at heart a complicated, decades-long love story between Ethen and Zihariel, two star-crossed lovers from very different backgrounds. Ethen is the eponymous hero with a special power: he can “find” any sort of objects or people just by concentrating on them. During the course of the book he transforms from a streetwise urchin to a rich and relatively respectable middle-aged man. Zihariel is a beautiful woman with an am [...]

    16. I am lucky in that I got to read this book before a publisher set eyes on it. I fell in love with the story. Ethen, a thief has the uncanny ability to find things. He is hired by a wealthy man to find Zihariel, a musically gifted, escaped slave. But that aspect of the story is a fraction of the story. There is political intrigue surrounding the smuggling of banned spices. There are two powerful loves stories. The reader gets to watch the characters age 18 years. This adds depth to the story beca [...]

    17. Finder is a bit different from other fantasy novels I've read. I was expecting this to be about a teen, but was surprised to find the main character was an adult. Overall I liked it. It was almost like reading two books in one. The second part happens 18 years after the first part. I wasn't sure how I was going to like that, but it ended up offering great insight into the growth and changes in the characters. The author did a really good job of pulling this off without losing the feel of who the [...]

    18. A fine first offering by a new author. In depth characterization and an original, conquered world makes for an exciting and easy read. Make no mistake, this book is about what I call, the "little people." No princes, kings, or massive warlocks bent on destruction here. Just average folks that would fit right in some fantastic market square in a truly original world--one of whom is slave. I love this. The more I read, the less I want to hear about Princes or Wizards. I want to hear from the valet [...]

    19. This new author has given us a look into an amazing world. And what a world she has created for us I was lost in emotions. Some much that I could smell the spices that were forbidden, loved those who later would need forgiveness. You become a person you never understood until you felt the love of other. My heart sang with those longing to be heard. Ached for those who had to endure. And swooned at the promising moments sealed with a hungry kiss. How do you feel about a map in the beginning of a [...]

    20. Ethen has lived his youth on the streets, learning to survive through cheating and thievery. Yet he has a gift that promises him a future of wealth and prosperity: He is a Finder. Upon contact with simple objects, maps unfold in his mind and locations reveal themselves. Elite families of Pashni’it pay well to have that which was lost to them Found, and Ethen’s first commission is a simple one: Find the runaway slave Zihariel.So begins this adventure through the Mediterranean-style world of T [...]

    21. Largely desert-based fantasy adventure about discovery, love, loss, slavery, self-worth, acceptance, forgiveness, and many other fine things. Has more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing the novel never quite goes where you expect it to go, but it always goes where it should go.The best twist of all, in retrospect, (spoiler) is that the second half of the novel takes place many years after the first. This did seem quite jarring at first, while I was reading, but in hindsight, is the best [...]

    22. I reviewed this book for Adopt an Indie Month in November 2011. Ethen is a Finder. Hand him something related to something lost, and he will immediately see in his head the place where it's located and a map of how to get there.He is asked to find a runaway slave named Zihariel -- a pooni who has a remarkable musical talent. He tracks her down, and they discover they are soul mates. But fate, and their own headstrong ways, conspire against them. Ethen and Zihariel must go through many changes be [...]

    23. Not your stock Tolkienesque fantasy novel:—Finder's hero has an interesting talent—the ability to locate things and people—that I don't believe I've seen before. —The novel's second half takes place 18 years after the first half, allowing the reader a rare look into how people's choices worked out and how they try to fix them.—Social issues are an important subtext in the novel.I enjoyed the unusual and well-constructed world, the interesting characters, and the different perspectives [...]

    24. A nicely written YA-feeling fantasy about gifted-musician slave who runs from her owner and the young man with the talent to Find things who is hired to bring her back. The world-building is well done, down to the level of small details and word choices, the characters are interesting and flawed enough to seem real. Actions have real-world consequences, including pregnancy and death. The plot has several twists and turns (although perhaps a few too many narrow escapes) and it held my interest th [...]

    25. Mind Bending!Finder used imagery and characterization to create a whole new world. With an interesting plot and engaging events, I was always sitting on the edge of my seat. The world seemed so real and the characters felt like my friends. Ms. DeFino created this wonderful escape into a land that we have never yet seen.

    26. This is a light, and delightful novel, told primarily through the eyes of its pair of star-crossed lovers. Terri-Lynne DeFino does some deft worldbuilding here, light touches that give glimpses of tremendous depth, hinting that somewhere in the author's home are volumes of notes and maps and mythologies and histories and cookbooks and recordings of stories passed down from parent to child going back many generations.While the plot tends to substitute coincidence for complexity, the novel more th [...]

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