The Tyrant Falls In Love, Volume 3

The Tyrant Falls In Love Volume Morinaga and Tatsumi have a special once a week rule that s meant to guarantee some sweet one on one time no matter how busy they get in the lab So why is Morinaga still fighting tooth and nail for p

  • Title: The Tyrant Falls In Love, Volume 3
  • Author: Hinako Takanaga
  • ISBN: 9781569701744
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morinaga and Tatsumi have a special once a week rule that s meant to guarantee some sweet one on one time, no matter how busy they get in the lab So why is Morinaga still fighting tooth and nail for proof that Tatsumi wants to be with him The Tyrant Falls In Love brings even the most stubborn man to his knees in an all out war for what should be pure pleasure

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    1. Seriously, this Morinaga is like a dog in heat! Doing that to Souichi in right on the sidewalk! But then, it was totally hot Even if there was a voyeur watching OMG!The whole blackmailing thing was pretty funny. Souichi was forced to perform everynight in a karaoke with the voyeur, while Morinaga was thinking sempai was having a affair. Of course he was totally jealous, until Souichi told him he was not doing 'that' with anyone, meaning Morinaga is special to him!The manga is very explicit, but [...]

    2. 4.5This volume was the funniest one so far!! It started with a mis-sent package and things just kind of happened. There was "blackmail" and there were jokes. I literally couldn't stop chucking!!!I think the reason I gave this a 4.5 was because following such an "intense" volume 2 with Masaki situation, I expected something really angst-y but it wasn't. Instead it was a volume with a bit more fun and play to it. Spoiler: Karaoke was involvedd so was Doraemon. :PI mean it was a bit frustrating to [...]

    3. Creo que estuve a punto de morir de risa en este volumen. Pinche tipo adicto al karaoke xDAl menos el senpai está cediendo un poco, pero cediendo.

    4. Tatsumi continues to prove difficult and Morinaga continues trying to break down the emotional barriers between them. Does Tatsumi really hate gay sex so much? What I liked about this manga is that Tatsumi still doesn’t consider himself gay. He has zero attraction to other men—which means his growing feelings for Morinaga are based on something other than Morinaga’s childish initial unrequited desire or rampant lust (such as what the younger man went through when he lost his first boyfrien [...]

    5. This manga pushes the boundaries of dubious consent. Souichi always protests - and very loudly, too - whenever Morinaga tries to get him in bed. On the other hand, whenever Morinaga stops trying to get him in bed, Souichi becomes angry! Souichi reacts very violently to everything Morinaga does, but God forbid someone tries to hurt Morinaga - punches fly! So yeah, the relationship between the characters is more than confusing. And especially this volume was rather silly with the "karaoke blackmai [...]

    6. An adorable story! Really peculiar. The characters are relatable and different. And I love their personality developement throughout the series! And the story arcs are captivating. It isn't perfect - it's probably a 4.5 rather than a 5 but honestly, it's one of my favorites so I'm biased!

    7. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)For a full review of this series up to volume 9, please click here.

    8. Morinaga just tries too hard, but then again I guess he's been in thisrelationship almost 5 years longer than Tatsumi senpai. Poor thing.

    9. Pretty fluffy. I like how yaoi manga sometimes gets all dramatic. When a stalker threatens, Tatsumi and Kanako's home, Morinaga steps in and the drama ensues. It's sweet, really, especially the end.

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