La balera da due soldi

La balera da due soldi Una notte Saranno state pi o meno le tre Camminavamo in rue No il nome della via neanche glielo dico Una strada qualsiasi Da lontano vediamo una porta che si apre C era una macchina accostata al marc

  • Title: La balera da due soldi
  • Author: Georges Simenon Eliana Vicari
  • ISBN: 9788845911842
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Una notte Saranno state pi o meno le tre Camminavamo in rue No, il nome della via neanche glielo dico Una strada qualsiasi Da lontano vediamo una porta che si apre C era una macchina accostata al marciapiede Un tizio esce spingendone un altro Anzi no, non che lo spinga Immagini uno che si porta a spasso un manichino e vuole farlo camminare come Una notte Saranno state pi o meno le tre Camminavamo in rue No, il nome della via neanche glielo dico Una strada qualsiasi Da lontano vediamo una porta che si apre C era una macchina accostata al marciapiede Un tizio esce spingendone un altro Anzi no, non che lo spinga Immagini uno che si porta a spasso un manichino e vuole farlo camminare come se fosse un vecchio amico Lo ficca in macchina, si siede al volante Il mio socio mi lancia un occhiata e siamo gi sul paraurti posteriore Non per niente allora mi chiamavano il Gatto Giriamo per un sacco di strade Il tizio che guida ha l aria di cercare qualcosa, di essersi sbagliato Alla fine arriva al canale Saint Martin, e allora capiamo cosa cerca Ha indovinato anche lei, eh Il tempo di aprire e richiudere la portiera, e il corpo era gi a mollo

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    1. "A radiant late afternoon. The sunshine almost as thick as syrup in the quiet streets of the Left Bank. And everything--the people's faces, the countless familiar sounds of the street--exuded a joy to be alive. There are days like this, when ordinary life seems heightened, when the people walking down the street, the trams and cars all seem to exist in a fairy tale." Within pages of these opening sentences, Simenon immerses his reader in a dark, existential, page turner, with a cast of character [...]

    2. Really enjoy these Inspector Maigret books.As well as good mystery stories I find them veryinteresting as here is always a little philosophicaldepth to them.These are books you could read in one day if you havethe time and I think the is the best way to read themwith a nice pot of tea.Very enjoyable!

    3. A pensive condemned man clues Chief Inspector Jules Maigret in to a six-year-old unsolved murder, pointing out the connection to a drinking establishment on a Parisian canal, the Two-Penny Bar. Thus begins one of Maigret’s most convoluted cases — and one of my favorites. Maigret stumbles on a gay group of revelers who go down to a spot on the River Seine near the village of Morsang-sur-Seine. With his wife away in her native Alsace, Maigret is at a loose end, so he stays and parties with the [...]

    4. Well, I didn't enjoy this one allIt was too slow and dull, boring sometimes, and Inspector Maigret was clueless till the last pages, it was disappointing for someone that experienced to miss that much I'll Give it another try and hope for the best

    5. “THE BAR ON THE SEINE” can be summed up as a nice and tidy detective novel peopled with an interesting array of characters, some of whom Inspector Maigret matches wits with. The drama begins in a prison cell where a man (Monsieur Lenoir) –-- a petty criminal sentenced to death whom Maigret had arrested some time earlier --- awaits word about a possible reprieve. Maigret pays Lenoir a visit, tells him that a reprieve will not be forthcoming, and that he will be put to death at dawn the next [...]

    6. For the most part, this felt like a below-average outing for the stalwart Inspector, but Simenon knows how to turn the screw, and does so to great effect in the last few pages of the novel. Along the way, we're treated to a brilliant exposition of Maigret's lack-of-a-method:'He had handled hundreds of cases in his time and he knew that they nearly always fell into two distinct phases. Firstly, coming into contact with a new environment, with people he had never even heard of the day before, with [...]

    7. I'd read a few pages of The Bar on the Seine when I realized that I'd read it about 30 years ago. Back then, I think that I read it more to discover the perpetrator of the crime. This time, the solution to the mystery didn't matter to me - even though I had forgotten who had committed the crime - and I read the novel for the psychology of the characters and for the milieu described in the book. One of Simenon's most perfect Maigret novels.

    8. A Maigret és a víg kompánia csupán 144 oldal, de az 144 oldalnyi tömény jóság. Nem is kell belőle több. Igazi lassú, békebeli krimi, amikor még a lábmunka, a véletlenek összjátéka, és egy detektív együttesen kellenek a bűnügy kiderítéséhez. A hangulata a világ, a kor egyaránt elbájoló, s félelmetesen nem fog rajta az idő sempifalat/2017/12/

    9. Un condannato a morte, vecchia conoscenza di Maigret, prima dell’esecuzione confida al commissario di aver assistito, anni prima, insieme ad un suo compare, all’assassinio di un uomo il cui corpo è stato gettato nella Senna. Il fatto fu commesso “nella balera da due soldi”. Nessun altro indizio. Da qui il commissario Maigret comincia ad indagare in una combriccola di borghesi parigini, benestanti, che nel fine settimana si divertono in campagna bevendo e scherzando in un’osteria in ri [...]

    10. I just really love reading these little gems from Simenon. Maigret is always such a great character.Whilst I really liked this one I felt there was something missing, perhaps because it was an early Maigret Simenon had found his sense of fun with the character yet, perhaps he just didn't eat nearly as much as usual. Another concern is that it was a new translation of the original French text and it may have been that which added a more staid modern touch which I had not found in earlier translat [...]

    11. Tre stelle generose. Un Maigret sottotono in questo romanzo; fra le righe ho letto una critica verso quella media borghesia che convinta di essere "arrivata" fa sfoggio del proprio successo in quello che ai nostri tempi potrebbe essere una sorta di country club o circolo… I delitti sono veramente marginali più ancora degli scritti precedenti.

    12. Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret is one of the most unusual characters in all of detective fiction. Instead of following the lead set by Edgar Allan Poe in the "tale of ratiocination" and of Arthur Conan Doyle with his wizard of 221b Baker Street, Simenon gives us a gallic policeman who solves crimes just by being there at the right time and place. It is through a sheer knot of concentrated intent that Maigret puts himself into the scene of the crime and waits until all the diverse threads be [...]

    13. 20. THE BAR ON THE SEINE. (1931; trans. 2003). George Simenon. ****.Maigret visits with a man in a prison on death row. He had in fact been responsible for his arrest, but still had feelings for the young man. Since his time was short and all appeals had failed, the young man gave hints about a murder that had occurred years ago – but without mentioning names. This set Inspector Maigret off on a quest as to who the victim might have been. His investigation leads him to a small local bar locate [...]

    14. Simenon uses this story to re-inforce his detective, Chief Inspector Maigret as a caring man who loves justice above all things. Its the Summer and everyone has deserted Paris to go on holiday; before Maigret joins his wife in Alsace he pays a last visit to a prisoner on death row, the night before his execution. The policeman doesn't go to gloat but rather bring closure to the process of investigation, arrest, trial and sentence. The condemned man mentions another more deserving of the fate tha [...]

    15. i liked this maigret one even more than the first i read. i was worried when it began, that the books would be too formulaic, as there was a prisoner condemned to die right at the beginning of this one as well. but in this one, he isn't set free so that maigret may solve the crime, he is executed, as ordained but! not before he tips off maigret to another unsolved murder which takes him away to a little weekend hideaway, outside of paris, where he comes upon a group of people who really live onl [...]

    16. A rambling confession by a condemned man and an overheard conversation at a haberdashery leads Maigret to a weekend gathering south of Paris. It is a group of old friends who have staged this particular weekend as a fancy dress party with everyone playing a role in a country wedding.He had now established the social background of the crowd: tradesmen, owners of small businesses, and engineer, two doctors. These were people who owned their own cars, but who only had Sundays off for unwinding in t [...]

    17. L'amico inatteso di MaigretAltro capitolo della serie Maigret, altra sostanziale delusione. Il Commissario raccoglie la mezza confessione di un condannato a morte, un delitto senza colpevole, un luogo dove cercare. Una località di campagna, una combriccola eterogenea di amici con qualche segreto, un singolare personaggio che stringe con l'inflessibile poliziotto una specie di amicizia al Pernod.Questo rapporto del tutto inatteso, conoscendo il protagonista, è la maggiore ragione di curiosità [...]

    18. This was actually the first 'Maigret' novel I ever read. It was the last book I read in my 30s before I turned 40. I didn't like it very much. It was entitled The Bar on the Seine when I read it and it didn't make me a fan of Simenon. Therefore it was another 8 years before I tried a 'Maigret' novel again. I just happened on impulse to pick up 'Pietr the Latvian' last year and I was hooked.Since then I have become a big fan of Simenon and 'Maigret'. I guess it's just a case of me being not ready [...]

    19. I couldn't guess where this book was going next. Oddly tranquil for a murder mystery. Made me want to while away an afternoon in a Parisian cafe, though I wouldn't order Pernot. (Thanks for the loan, Cindy!)

    20. Simenon is always perfect. His stories seem simple, but they reach into the heart and soul with their honest, touching portrayals of all the characters, from the police officers to the most hardened criminals. After Maigret delivers the difficult news to a man he had arrested for murder -- that all his appeals had been denied and he will be executed the next day, the man tells him about another murder he witnessed. The following day, even though he is expected in Alsace to spend part of the summ [...]

    21. As is usual with a Maigret mystery, it gets right to the point. Before leaving for a summer vacation, Maigret drops in on a condemned man whom he had put behind bars. The doomed man complains about the injustice of other murderers walking free, including a murderer he had been blackmailing for years and recently met again at a place called the "Two-Penny Bar." But none of Maigret's police colleagues have ever heard of such a placeNot quite as crisp an ending and some of my favorite Maigrets, but [...]

    22. I read this book after reading the very disappointing "Maigret at the Coroner". That book had Maigret serve as a casual observer in a murder inquest in which he did no actual sleuthing. "The Two-Penny Bar" is quite the opposite.Maigret is stuck in Paris during the heat of summer while his wife is away on vacation awaiting his arrival. But before Maigret can leave he must get to the bottom of an unsolved case, and he certainly does a bit of sleuthing here. This mystery unfolds very much like an A [...]

    23. Maigret visits a convict about to be executed who says he has an acquaintance who deserves to be on the block as well, related to the death of a Shylock six years previously. The convict only says to look at the bar called the Guinguette a deux sous (named for a 2 sou player piano in the place). When the inspector goes there he finds a bunch of middle class cavorters who swim and fish and drink the week end away. While there, a man is shot and the owner of a coal yard has the gun in his hand. He [...]

    24. I have not read any Simenon books before, despite having known of his work for decades. This was an okay mystery, with good characters, but it was never as engrossing as I would have liked. Maigret is an interesting lead, but he never rises to the level of fascinating, and his problem-solving seems almost perfunctory. He has insight, though. The secondary characters are perhaps more interesting than the detective. I'll have to try some other Simenon books, but right now I admit that it isn't a h [...]

    25. The book started out strong, with a condemned man telling the detective about witnessing a murder 6 years before near the Two Penny Bar. He has to figure out who was murdered and who was the murderer. After he finds the bar another murder occurs. There isn't much in the way of character development. The middle drags but there was a nice twist at the end.

    26. Rather disappointing compared with other Maigret novels. Maybe the premise is the problem (a condemned criminal making a denunciation before his execution and Maigret rushes to investigate). At least it didn't work for me. Nor did the motivation work too well: although some of the characters were interesting, their actions do not seem particularly convincing

    27. Another brilliant story from Georges.I feel Maigret is mellowing as these stories go on, doesn't seem as highly strung. Despite in this story he is supposed to be going on holiday with his wife for a month but yet again he is involved in another incident in which he needs to discover whodunnit.

    28. Un giallo molto, troppo veloce. Pochi indiziati e un mistero abbastanza deboluccio.Molto belle le descrizioni della campagna francease, mi sono immaginato di trovarmici dentro.

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