Il viaggio di Elisabet

Il viaggio di Elisabet Che i negozi di giocattoli siano per ogni bambino e anche per pi di un adulto mondi incantati pieni di sorprese e di meraviglie non certo un mistero Ma qual invece il mistero che si cela dietro l im

  • Title: Il viaggio di Elisabet
  • Author: Jostein Gaarder Pierina M. Marocco
  • ISBN: 9788878186026
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Che i negozi di giocattoli siano per ogni bambino e anche per pi di un adulto mondi incantati, pieni di sorprese e di meraviglie, non certo un mistero Ma qual invece il mistero che si cela dietro l improvvisa scomparsa, proprio dal reparto giocattoli di un grande magazzino, di Elisabet Hansen, una ragazzina simpatica e volitiva Semplice quando ha visto un agnelliChe i negozi di giocattoli siano per ogni bambino e anche per pi di un adulto mondi incantati, pieni di sorprese e di meraviglie, non certo un mistero Ma qual invece il mistero che si cela dietro l improvvisa scomparsa, proprio dal reparto giocattoli di un grande magazzino, di Elisabet Hansen, una ragazzina simpatica e volitiva Semplice quando ha visto un agnellino di peluche prendere vita e scappar via come un fulmine, Elisabet non ha saputo resistere alla tentazione d inseguirlo per fargli anche soltanto una piccola carezza E come darle torto Tanto pi che, ben presto, all agnellino si sono affiancati alcuni angeli maliziosi e birichini, svariati personaggi biblici, il governatore della Siria, un altezzoso imperatore e altre pecore, formando cos una straordinaria comitiva che ha preso a viaggiare a ritroso nel tempo e verso la Terra Santa Ma qual lo scopo di quel viaggio cos singolare A scoprirlo sar un ragazzino, Joakim, aprendo, giorno dopo giorno, le ventiquattro finestrelle di un calendario dell Avvento da cui cadono, come per magia, altrettanti misteriosi foglietti che lo trasportano in un altro tempo, in un altro mondo, in un altra storia che, forse, la storia di Elisabet o forse no.

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    1. So, this is for my children, and for Jean-Paul, who gently guides me through the maze to almost-forgotten-yet-unforgettable reading experiences!Many years ago, my children and I started reading this book as a calendar on 1st December, and read one chapter each night until Christmas. It became a ritual, and we had to rearrange our reading time quite a lot to fit in the lengthy chapters in spite of the usual end-of-term activities and pre-Christmas craziness in a busy family of five.It didn't take [...]

    2. The basic idea of this book is a great idea and the 24 chapter, advent calendar style is great. However far too many unanswered question for me that would confuse and concern a child. Why would an angel abandon a 20th century girl in the year 0 in a different continent? Why does a children's book include modern day references to child abduction and the poor mother who spend 50 years wondering what became of her daughter? What exactly was Elisabet's role in the birth of Jesus? Why was Elisabet's [...]

    3. This book was published not too long after the Norwegian author's better known novel, Sophie's World, made a big international splash. Probably way too many copies of The Christmas Mystery were printed, and I seem to remember it being remaindered almost right away. Certainly, I bought it as a remainder, and it sat unread on my shelves for about 15 years. Early this past December, I pulled it out thinking of creating some badly needed shelf space. I read the first chapter (finally) and was hooked [...]

    4. We were so excited about reading this book. The idea of a magic advent calendar and a part of the story to read each day was really appealing to us but despite having greatly enjoyed Sophie's World by the same author we struggled to enjoy this one. Will perhaps try again another year.

    5. On 1st December, a young boy named Joachim is given an unusual advent calendar, and behind each door contains a chapter of a story. As the story unfolds, Joachim (and his parents) learn about a young girl named Elisabet who disappeared from Norway years earlier, and a pilgrimage of angels, shepherds and wise men who travel across land and time, to be present when Jesus was born.Unfortunately, I did not particularly enjoy this book. Although I am not religious, I can enjoy reading books about rel [...]

    6. Estes últimos dias do ano estão a revelar-se bastante proveitosos em termos de leituras. Hoje terminei mais um livrinho natalício, que me chegou via BookCrossing. É do mesmo autor d'O Mundo de Sofia, e fez-me lembrar bastante esse livro, que li há já muitos anos. Tem também um mistério, neste caso relacionado com o Natal, que se vai revelando dia após dia, em pequenas doses que vão aumentando o suspense. Gostei bastante e acho que vou procurar a versão portuguesa para as minhas miúda [...]

    7. Julemysteriet = The christmas mystery, Jostein Gaarderعنوان: راز تولد؛ نویسنده: یوستین(یاستین) گوردر؛ مترجم: مهرداد بازیاری؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، نشر کتاب، هرمس، 1378، در هشت و 200 ص، شابک: 9646641172؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان نروژی قرن 20 م

    8. Nettes Adventsbuch mit einer wirklich geheimnisvollen Geschichte und schönen Kalendertürchenbilder. Der ständig gleiche Aufbau (Türchen öffnen, Zettel lesen, Gedanken machen) fand ich mit der Zeit ein bisschen eintönig. Ganz nett, aber werde ich sicher nicht nochmals lesen.

    9. I would have rated this book with 5 stars until I got to the last 4 or 5 pages. I felt like Ralphie in the movie "A Christmas Story", that it was "a crummy commercial". This book is beautifully written, beautifully illustrated (the one I got was illustrated by Rosemary Wells whom I have loved for years), and beautifully set up. It is an advent book, with each day of the advent calendar following a double story. The story of Joachim who is given a Magical Advent Calendar and opens it each day and [...]

    10. And the award for biggest pile of crud I’ve ever read in my life goes to: The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder.I knew that this was a children’s book. In fact, when it was announced at book club I was a little bit enamoured with the fact that we would be reading a book for kids. So much so that I actually went out and bought the pretty picture-book version with all the little angels and Baby-Jesuses in the margins. What a bloody waste of money that was!The story is about a magic advent c [...]

    11. It's really quite a risky thing to try and retell one of (if not the) most well known stories in the world, especially if you're going to put a twist on it. However, I'm pleased that Gaarder did it because he managed to execute it very well. The choice of chick-lit Christmas themed stories is bountiful, and I do enjoy them, but to be able to read a different take on the original Christmas story is a rare treat.I believe this book was primarily targeted at Children, but this could certainly be cl [...]

    12. An enjoyable book for the Christmas period. Although in the beginning I was a bit bored by especially the story of the girl going to Bethlehem.But, I took the book to Rome on a long city break and started enjoying the read in a suitable Christmas environment

    13. Organized in 24 chapters corresponding to the 24 windows of a magical Advent calendar, this book reveals, as a frame story, the journey in space and time of a group of pilgrims from current-day Norway to Bethlehem, when Christ was born, emphasizing the meaning of Christmas along the way.

    14. O cărticică potrivită acestei perioade. Ea se confundă cu două cuvinte: mister și magie, adică exact ingredientele care fac deliciul poveștilor!Recunosc, mai mult mi-a plăcut ”Fata cu portocale”, însă și povestea a fost una diferită:)

    15. An interesting and whimsical little story in many ways innocent to the point of naivety but with a certain charm that kept me willing to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants something that is only light and hope-filled with no hint of darkness, especially if they are Christian. I suspect someone not from a Christian background may struggle to engage. The book gave hints of deeper thinking and questioning for example in a repeated exhortation to be kind to refugees. This is espec [...]

    16. I have wonderfully fond memories of reading this with my kids each Advent season starting when Anna was about 6 or 7 and Luke was 2 or 3. It has a perfect cadence for rereading; we looked forward to it every year. My children loved it when we had the angel comically shout: "FEAR NOT! FEAR NOT FEAR NOT!" Ah, those were the days. We had hoped to get in a chapter or two this Christmastime when everyone was home, but it didn't happen. Maybe next year.

    17. 2/5 stars Okay and philosophical but the book could've gotten its message across in other ways that weren't repetitive. To be completely honest: The repetition in this book is probably what lowered my rating by a whole star. In fact the whole book is a little dull and I didn't enjoy reading it. As you can guess it was pretty mundane and I didn't extract much from it because I was so bored. I understand that it has philosophical value and that it's oh so deep and lovely and sweet and christmassy [...]

    18. "Christmas is the world's biggest birthday party, for everybody in the world is invited to join in. That's why the party has lasted for so many years."Fifty years ago a girl disappeared from her home in Norway. She ran after a lamb and found herself travelling right across Europe to Palestine, and back through 2,000 years to meet the Holy Family in Bethlehem. There Elisabet met angels (Ephiriel, Impuriel, Seraphiel, Cherubiel and Evangeliel), shepherds (Joshua, Jacob, Isaac and Daniel), wise men [...]

    19. If you have ever read Jostein Gaarder's book, Sophie's World, you know this author can twist the plot in such a way as to boggle the mind. The Christmas Mystery is a little more innocuous than Sophie's World, and a little more meaty than most Christmas "fluff" stories. I first read it several years ago on the advise of my friend Krakovianka, who recently updated her original review here.Our family is enjoying it a second time through this year. It is set up similar to an advent calendar, where o [...]

    20. «Juleevangeliet er ikke det fortellingen om Jesus, i Bibelen? Hvor i Bibelen? Nei, veit ikke, evangeliene kanskje?» Som religionslærer i videregående blir jeg litt forundret når jeg forstår hvor lite ungdom vet om et sentralt element av egen kulturarv - julehøytiden. Om det skyldes kunnskapstørke, eller manglende interesse er ikke lett å vite. Med lærerperspektivet i baggasjen er jeg takknemmelig for Jostein Gaarders prosjekt i Julemysteriet. Prosjektet er ambisiøst og tidvis preget a [...]

    21. Gaarder es uno de mis escritores favoritos y este libro me reafirma por qué.En algún lado leí que este fue el que salio después de que Gaarde se hiciera famoso con "Mundo de Sofia". Y se siente un poco similar a este (aunque "Sofía" ni de cerca mi favorito), pero también como los famosos “caminitos de adviento” para iluminar. Hay algo muy musical en el libro, también me recordó un poco a la canción de “La chivita”.Como sea, pensaría que es un producto ambicioso cómo “Mundo d [...]

    22. This book means Christmas to me. Well, advent. I have always preferred advent to Christmas anyway - and this is a steadfast part of my own traditions. When the first of December comes around, I have to start reading The Christmas Mystery. It's a beautiful story, successfully intertwining the modern tale of Joachim with Elisabet and Epherial's journey across the world and down the spiral of time. This is better than an advent calendar. As a child, I wished for a magic advent calendar too, but now [...]

    23. Leste såklart ut denne alt for sent. Burde jo vært ferdig med den 24sember siden det er en kalender-bok. Men nå ble det ikke slik, så de to siste "lukene" ble lest ut i går. En nydelig bok. Det jeg er kritisk til er at ordet "neger" er brukt mye. For meg er det utelukkende noe jeg ser på som et skjellsord og det føles ubehagelig at det til stadighet må påpekes at en i fortellingen er "neger". Ellers er boken filosofisk, spennende og kreativ. Også pluss med vakre illustrasjoner. Som kri [...]

    24. An engaging and seasonal read suitable for all ages - the plot centres around a magical advent calendar and travellers on the way to Bethlehem set against a modern time zone. The traditional Christmas story with a twist and a detective story adds a further depth. I enjoyed the story and the historical fact and context. Given the current conflict within the world the important message of "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men" seems most poignant. A worthwhile read especially as a chapter a day [...]

    25. Two stories intertwined as one! A really interesting novel which I enjoyed with its chapter a day, like an advent calendar. There are some parts where the story could have been expanded and rounded out some more but otherwise a really great read. I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/13868898

    26. We are reading one chapter a day--in the morning or afternoon, not as part of our evening advent time.We quit. I love the idea, but Eli lost interest, truthfully the story was not all that enticing.

    27. بالاخره بعد از دو ماه تموم شد!داستان شروع خوبي داره،با يك ايده جالب و عجيب كه كنجكاوتون ميكنه اما بعد از ٥ فصل تقريبا همه چيز تكراري و خسته كننده ميشه تا اينكه به سه فصل نهايي ميرسيم پر از غافلگيري اما باز هم از نوع عجيبش كه داستان پيچيده تر ميكنه. به نظرم اگر كوتاه تر بود بهتر م [...]

    28. این کتاب رو یک بار اون هم اوایل نوجونی خوندم که جرقه ای شد برای علاقه ام به فلسفه. تا یازده سالگیم بهترین کتابی بود که خوندم و عاشقش شدم. اینقدر دوسش داشتم که نمیخوام دوباره بخونم، شاید تصورات بی نقصم نقش بر آب بشه! صرفا به خاطر قدردانی از نقش پررنگش بهش پنج ستاره طلایی میدم!

    29. I thought that reading this book would be a nice mood booster for the holidays, since I used to love Gaarder's books when I was younger. I was wrong. The book is just tedious for adults, and not very appropriate for children. 1.5 stars, just because I somehow managed to stick with it till the end.

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