Good Moon Rising

Good Moon Rising Jan begins her senior year of high school not expecting that she will lose the starring part in the school play take over as director when her beloved drama teacher becomes ill and realize that she

  • Title: Good Moon Rising
  • Author: Nancy Garden
  • ISBN: 9780374327460
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jan begins her senior year of high school not expecting that she will lose the starring part in the school play, take over as director when her beloved drama teacher becomes ill, and realize that she is a lesbian.

    One thought on “Good Moon Rising”

    1. Another absolutely wonderful coming out/self discovery story by Ms. Garden. It was just fascinating and I couldn't put it down.

    2. For me when I was a lonely lesbian teenager (thus the target demographic of books like this), this was the peak of LGBT books I read. I enjoyed Annie on my Mind, but Good Moon Rising was the most romantic book I read (it didn't have much competition, given I mainly read fanfiction online to supplement my interest in reading lesbian romance about characters my age). I was rooting for the characters, and I think the subplot of working together in the play really helped glue the whole story togethe [...]

    3. All I can say, without rereading it before writing the review, is I love this book. I loved Annie on My Mind so much I had to reach other Nancy Garden and this novel wow. It's powerful! And I hope everyone interested in gay romance reads this!

    4. This was Garden's second teen lesbian novel. This was EXACTLY like Annie on my mind. The characters even look exactly like the ones in the other book. The plot is almost identical. This is best suited for readers who just couldn't get enough of her first book. And I am sure there are readers out there who will love to read yet another "Annie" book. I was disappointed. It was like she didn't even make an effort to write a second novel.Read-alikes: Annie on my mind. Literally

    5. I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought the characters were intriguing in their own ways. And kept me interested throughout the book

    6. This is a young adult novel. I read it because I read Annie on My Mind years ago. It is well written and poignant, a coming of age story that deals well with homophobia and bullying. A good read.

    7. **This rating is based on viewing GOOD MOON RISING as a period piece from the 1990s, when the book was first published. Encyclopedias were printed books updated every few years. People still telegraphed. Computers and email weren’t part of high school education.***This book uses the word fag and nigger which probably wouldn’t be found in YA books in 2017. The term “the N word” had yet to be coined and while most people didn’t use it, it wasn’t uncommon to hear on TV or read in books. [...]

    8. This book had a really good concept andasonably good execution. As a lesbian and theatre geek (Admittedly not an actress. I kind of winced when Jan was like 'The stage manager isn't important!' Honey. No.) I loved all the theatre references. The part where Kerry said that she and Jan were like Hamlet and Horatio and implied my favorite Shakespeare theory, which is gay Hamlet, made me laugh. The scenes with Kent and the play rehearsals were all suitably tense. But my problem with the book was tha [...]

    9. Maybe I am too picky, but I think a good book is one with fleshed out characters, believable plot, and realistic, in whatever way, ending. When you are writing for an underserved, starved audience such as gay and lesbian teens, this is VITAL. Nancy Garden comes close but misses the mark in both books. Annie On My Mind was a sweet story that was strangely set, time period wise, with characters and plot points from the 50s. We then only really hear the POV of one of the girls. The development of t [...]

    10. The story is about two girls at a high school who are lesbians. One of them, Jan, is coming to terms with realizing that she is a lesbian and the other, Kerry, is a new girl. The story of their growing relationship is based around the schools production of the play The Crucible.Kerry ends up getting the role that Jan expected, and Jan is basically directing the play. Their teacher, Mrs. Nicholson, is very ill and as her condition worsens more and more pressure is put on Jan.This is where the the [...]

    11. Nancy Garden is a treasure. She is not aggressive, like many LGBT authors are inclined to be. Her characters are very real, believable young women who happen to be gay. I love Jan's devotion to theatre and Kerry's growing love of it, and I love their adoration of their teacher. I did feel, though, that this story happened all too quickly. It wasn't an unbelievable plot, but it felt a little rushed. I also would have liked to see a bit more engagement with Jan's family.Really what I'm saying is t [...]

    12. I was born in 1994, came out in 2008 when more people started to become more accepting of LGBT teens. It's always great to read a book that took in a time where homosexuals were less understood because it shows that we have came a long way. Nancy Garden captures the difficulties and struggles that gay teens had to go through for loving who they love. It's a great book. It also had a lot to do with theater, just a friendly FYI.

    13. I connected to the main characters, I love theater and she did a good job of bring the feel of it to the page. This book is what I needed right now; I needed to read about lesbians in theater because well I am one and I really didn't know what to do with that fact in-tell now. 5 out of 5 for sure thanks Nancy Garden.

    14. It was an OK read, but after finishing it, it left me feeling a little empty. It's nice as a summer reading book, but not very deep and insightful, in my mind. It has a good pace and a promising plot, but some characters seem a little flat.

    15. Warmly told love story seasoned with homophobia and loss. The characters are rich and multi-dimensional (except perhaps the villain of the piece) and the plot (high school play) a perennial favorite of mine. Worth a look.

    16. The highschool is putting on The Crucible. Janna, always gets the lead in the school plays until a new girl named Kerry enters the picture. Kerry gets cast as Elizabeth and Janna, not getting a part at all is assigned to be part of the crew as stage manager/assistant director. The drama teacher is sick and is hospitalized. Jan has to take over as director. She immediately has opposition from a talented young actor named Kent. He doesn't want to be directed by an actress. Meanwhile Jan helps Kerr [...]

    17. Well, Nancy Garden, you've written another youthful queer story, goodonya. This one didn't work for me like "Annie On My Mind" did. I just don't buy that a 16 and 17-year-old girl would be immediately like "I love you" after a first kiss (not really real life, as I see it) -- unless it's just a momentary obsession giddiness thing, which is maybe more plausible. But then the language of "blah blah blah, my love" and "Dearest love, blah blah blah" -- when talking to each other! What?! We're still [...]

    18. I really liked this book because of almost all of the aspects of this book. I really liked the character development and the plot line in general. Also the setting and problem is really relatable for some people(not me quite but I know quite a few who could relate). I feel that the problem is something a lot of people face in their lives. What I am trying to say is this book is awesome, I love it.

    19. Creepiest cover ever, but definitely looking forward to this book. I loved Nancy Garden's Annie on my Mind.This book follows the typical formula of a young adult gay book. Girl meets girl, girl questions feelings for girl, girl gets crap from peers, and so on. Despite the predictability, I still enjoyed it.

    20. Garden has a lovely grasp on teen characters: their thoughts, their concerns, their reactions. The emotions are perfectly paced and well thought out.However, her style is still straight out of the late seventies/early eighties. Despite the fact that this was written in the mid 90s, it felt really dated.

    21. I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Annie On My Mind, also by Nancy Garden. There just wasn't as much depth to the characters and plot, I wasn't completely captivated by everything in it as I was with AOMM

    22. This is really just a classic teen love story with more than the average roadblocks in its way. As anything written in the Gay 90s, it might seem slightly dated to a current teenager. They'll get over it.

    23. I like this one, but not as much as "Annie on my Mind." There are times when the story feels a little overwrought, a tad overdramatic.

    24. This is basically Annie on My Mind with new character names, and it doesn't work as well the second go round. Still cute though.

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