The Stroke of Twelve

The Stroke of Twelve Book six in the Perfect Timing Series On the stroke of twelve Devon belongs to him for one hour One hour that will change the course of his life forever Free of responsibility and provided with an ind

  • Title: The Stroke of Twelve
  • Author: Kim Dare
  • ISBN: 9780857153791
  • Page: 399
  • Format: ebook
  • Book six in the Perfect Timing Series On the stroke of twelve Devon belongs to him for one hour One hour that will change the course of his life forever.Free of responsibility and provided with an independent income, Devon Ashford floats through life thinking only of where the next party might be When a note orders Devon to present himself at Templeton, Crawford AsBook six in the Perfect Timing Series On the stroke of twelve Devon belongs to him for one hour One hour that will change the course of his life forever.Free of responsibility and provided with an independent income, Devon Ashford floats through life thinking only of where the next party might be When a note orders Devon to present himself at Templeton, Crawford Associates at noon on Wednesday, he s curious enough and bored enough to follow the order.He doesn t know what to expect when he arrives, but it s not to be told that on the stroke of twelve, he ll belong to the stern man on the other side of the desk for exactly one hour He doesn t expect anyone to command him to strip for an inspection Nor does he expect to follow the orders of a stranger He certainly doesn t imagine he could like doing that enough to go back for .Whatever he expects, Devon s about to discover that what happens at the stroke of twelve could change the course of his life forever.Please note The stories in this collection are linked solely by theme Each story can be read on it s own and the stories can be read in any order.

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    1. This was such a beautiful and heartfelt story. Kim Dare always does an amazing job writing from deep within the submissive's mindset I always love her stories.To see how Devon grows and changes over time with Mr. Templeton - to receive the support and structure he needs to move away from his damaging, unrewarding lifestyle and his crappy friends was really nice. He finds this self-confidence and purpose how she does it all in 90 pages is always a mystery.Super lovely.

    2. This story gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a 24/7 relationship. The way Kim plays with the element of time is just wonderful. It also allows the relationship to build slowly, while communicating to the characters as well as me, the reader, exactly where they are in their development at any time. Brilliant idea!Devon is a very lost young man. Not needing to work for his living has led to him losing all sense of direction and purpose. The way he accidentally (or so he thinks) falls int [...]

    3. Wow! Another great read from Kim Dare! I rushed through it so quickly that I'll have to re-read it right away. But my first impressionsThe use of "time" was an awesome approach (but I won't "spoil" that part). Devon is darling and sweet. He's also aimless and lost, dealing with the pain of his parents' rejection and having no direction in his life. Then he responds to a note (a summons really) from the mysterious Mr. Templeton.Mr. Templeton (and the "MR." is sweetly important in this lovely stor [...]

    4. Lovely D/s novella: the best in this series I think. The pace is very leisurely and calming, much like Mr Templeton himself. The book is about the pleasure of submission, in and of itself, rather than about trying out every toy in the dungeon. Devon is a very lucky boy.I happened to look at some vintage Star Trek ads right before reading this story, and consequently envisioned Templeton as Spock. While freaky as hell, this worked suprisingly well for the narrative.

    5. I love this book.Devon was just so greatTempleton was a dream Dom showing him slowly the way into submissionHis care for him after his night out drinking was sweet and the way he slowly lengthened their time together was great x

    6. 4.75 starsThis book was recommended to me by my GR friend Theresa.Sexy, brilliant and a great build up. Watching Devon come into his own was great. Mr. Templeton had such excellent control on his feelings for Devon, I was impressed.

    7. I really did enjoy this book. A little shocked when the characters were thrown virtually straight into a scene/relationship with little to no build up, but once I got over that the story seemed to progress at a nice pace for me. There was a gradual development of the characters, their relationship and the intensity of BDSM that I really appreciated. Well written. Compelling characters. Simple but satisfying plot. One of my favourite experiences when reading a Kim Dare book is when I think I have [...]

    8. This is a wonderful exploration of a D/s relationship with great insights into the sub's perspective, while giving a tantalizing view of the Dom's point of view as well.From the first book of Kim Dare I read to this one, I loved them all. I always read them non-stop, even though sometimes I begin to read them late at night. And the next day, I keep imagining the boy standing, hands in his back, waiting to fulfill any of my desires. Delicious!

    9. Sometimes a submissive only need a good dominant to bring the best out of him. That is something Mr. Templeton seems to bring out of Devon. The author of this story uses a unique writing style that really demonstrates her talent. It took me a minute to really get comfortable with it but once I was, I realized how it actually enhanced the story. It allowed me to feel as if I was part of the story instead of just reading it. I learned about the characters as they learned about one another and inci [...]

    10. This was an interesting take on a BDSM relationship. Devon Ashford is slipped a note in a club that directs him with only two things: a location and a time. As Devon shows up at a posh office at noon, he is informed by the attractive older businessman seated behind the desk that "At the stroke of twelve on this day, and on every Wednesday from now on, you will belong to me for one hour."Andrew Templeton sees a lot of promise in Devon as a submissive, but can he teach the young man to perform to [...]

    11. I like Kim's books, but always wish they were longer. Happily, my wish was granted with this book. We get to see the characters grow in self-knowledge and love for each other. Devon is a natural sub who has never experienced submission. Templeton is a dom who realizes he needs someone to take care of. At the start, they meet for one hour a week, and Templeton introduces Devon to the D/s dynamic. Then they move to one hour a day, and so on. It's beautiful to witness their self-discoveries. Also e [...]

    12. Very good kinky m/m romance about an aimless young man who wakes up after a night at the bar to find he has a piece of paper with an address and a time written on it and only the vague memory of a handsome older man handing it to him. Curious, he turns up at the address on time and his life is changed in a way he never expected.

    13. Kim Dare does it againa beautifully written tale of two men falling in love despite the risks. Oh, and getting their kink on at the same time!!

    14. It's a 3.5 stars for me.I find Sir creepy in the first chapter. And what was he doing at the bar that night? It seems inconsistent with his personality. My perception of him change rapidly, I saw him as a good person and a good Master after this first chapter. Devon progression was the most interesting point to read about in this book. He start low but make some impressive progress all along the story. Their relation was beautiful. I don't make this book on my romance-mm shelve, it's not really [...]

    15. I'm being good this year and trying to say something about every book I read but must admit I'm bad at it. So for this book: It's a wonderful story set in the world of BDSM. A submissive that really needs a dominate to look after him. The build up in the story was gradual and made sense. Since it is a short story there is a lack of depth in the characters and to some degree the plot. It's uncomplicated and a lite read for those days when that is what is needed:)

    16. I really enjoy Kim Dare's books especially when I'm in the mood for something a bit spicy but this one is my out and out favourite. I love the slow build up between Devon and Mr Templeton from a once a week thing to 24/7. I really wanted to give this book 4.5 but alas doesn't have a .5 button.

    17. a very sweet bdsm story as always with Kim Dare. the sub was cute and the feeling was that they really were meant for each otherit's not heavy bdsm so even if you don't like it you can read it cause it's more about discipline and bondage than about sexual dominance.

    18. Very nice slow build relationship between the characters. I like how it started off with just an hour a week without Devon even knowing what is going on. Then slowly their time increases and so does the level of play. Very hot sex scene and great build up of the relationship.

    19. This was beautiful. It's a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that Devon would show up at a complete stranger's office and do what he's told to dobut once i got past this "hurdle" it was beautiful.I enjoyed every nuance of it. This was certainly something new and refreshing.

    20. Another whose stars I upped because it is one of my favourite Kim Dare re-reads. I like the build up and the changes in each man.

    21. I swear I’ve read this story before, but couldn’t find any record of it in my notes. Irregardless, this is a gem of a story. A painfully insecure submissive and a Dom who needs a boy. Their relationship evolves over a year plus, and it is very satisfying to watch them both grow into it. Bought from kobo

    22. I love the slow gentle leading with both kink and the relationship. I love how Devon soaks up each bit of attention.

    23. Devon is introduced to the BDSM world and discovers he really, really likes it. I liked the little glimpes into Templeton's mindset, but they were so few and far between I question the need for them at all. His feelings on everything were so clearly communicated through his actions and commands to Devon.

    24. Simplistic and unrealistic, but good. Although I would have preferred less internal dialogues that might suggest a total dependence created on purpose by the Dom in Devon and more references, however, to a conscious and reasoned choice of Devon about a 24/7 relationship.But I understand that this was not the aim of the book.

    25. Not sure why this book just didn't hit it for me. It has a lot of good reviews but it just didn't make me feel connected to them. I felt like a casual observer only seeing a little of their relationship.

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