Whose Toes are Those?

Whose Toes are Those Children are invited to explore their toes by playing This Little Piggy

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  • Title: Whose Toes are Those?
  • Author: Jabari Asim LeUyen Pham
  • ISBN: 9780316736091
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Board Book
  • Children are invited to explore their toes by playing This Little Piggy.

    One thought on “Whose Toes are Those?”

    1. This is a toddler board book that is sure to appeal to any parent and child. The text rhymes well and has a flowing rhythm that could actually be sung. The author poses the question, “whose toes are those?”. The toddler’s toes appear in various poses. The reader catches the occasional glimpse of the child who owns them. It ends with a double page spread turned sideways showing a very happy child and her toes.The illustrations are soft yet bright, simple and charming. The pictures seem to g [...]

    2. "Whose Toes Are Those" was the 2nd book I've read by Jabari Asim. And, I must say that I was not at all disappointed as I witnessed my daughter rolling in laughter. I found this book from my reading of "Whose Knees Are These," also by Mr. Asim. I placed it on hold at the library and waited in anticipation until it came in because I knew my daughter would love it. And, she did. She loved how I pointed to her toes throughout the entire book. And, as a parent, I enjoyed it because, not only was it [...]

    3. Obviously piggies don't eat roast beef!Let's teach both boys and girls to empathize with and relate to characters in books who don't share all their characteristics.

    4. I read this book with my six-month-old daughter at least twice a week, and she squeals in delight with each page ("So brown and sweet/who could have such darling feet?"). It's a lovely little rhyme with beautiful modern-style (not photo-realistic) painted illustrations and funky lettering, and just the perfect size for babies to hold and play with. I always pull her socks off so she can grab her toes as I read along. I ordered it (and "Whose Knees Are These?") while hunting for books featuring b [...]

    5. I am in love with Natalie's toes, so this was a great book for us. It features a cute illustrations of toddler feet leading up to the reveal that they belong to a little girl. The only problem I have with this book is that I had to change the word brown, because Natalie's toes are only brown when she's been outside barefoot. But, it is an easy word change to make since it is in the middle of a line and doesn't affect the rhyming. You could easily change it to a different color or other cutesy wo [...]

    6. I liked this little board book, but my son wasn't too interested in it. He definitely prefers All of Baby Nose to Toes, which is a similar board book with lots of repetition and interaction. I like that it has a brown baby (so many children's book characters are white!), but the character is distinctly female, so this would be more fun for a baby girl. Baby boys can enjoy it too, of course!ETA: Read to Louisa in June 2015. As suspected, this is more enjoyable to read to a baby girl!

    7. The premise of celebrating a little one's toes in a board book is a good one, but my little one lost interest fast (until a cat came onto the page - then she was momentarily hooked). I like the rhymes, cute illustrations and the inclusion of a "girl with the sparkling eyes and that cute button nose," but it wasn't as engaging as I was hoping it would be.

    8. Read at Baby Lap Time on 7/27/12: storytimesecrets/Read at drop-in story time on 12/4/12: storytimesecrets/Read at drop-in story time on 2/26/13: storytimesecrets/

    9. This book has fun rhymes, just like "Whose Knees are These?'. Starts off with a close up of the toes and with each picture gives the reader a clue as to whose toes they are. Lots of fun - great to see some brown toes in kids books!

    10. I love books that have diversity. It is important for my little girl to see characters that look like her. I am sure you never thought about this, as most books have "white" characters as the main character. But as a woman of color, this means a lot to me!

    11. Another Gabriella favorite. A gift from a fellow mom who is a literary expert. A great way to learn about toes. We always end the book smiling and giggling. This is on our daily read list.

    12. Cute board book for our little girls. They will enjoy the time spent pointing out their toesies and the reminders of how special they are.

    13. Somehow we had never done "This Little Piggy" much up to this point. This is a fun variation and story around it. The full page little girl at the end is my toddler's favorite part to get to.

    14. Nice theme (along with the knees) for babies. Emily approves! If she holds the book I hold the toes, then we switch. A fun way to make reading a whole body experience.

    15. Cute board book. I wish this was generic instead of about a baby girl so my little brown grandson could relate better.

    16. I loved reading this with my daughter. It has fun musicality and it's a rare book to portray a non-caucasian culture in a board book. We need a ton more books of this kind.

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