The Enchanted Land

The Enchanted Land A woman who could not be conquered A love that was never forsaken A land that will not be forgotten For beautiful Morgan Wakefield the enchanted land is the ranch in New Mexico her father has left

  • Title: The Enchanted Land
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780380400638
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A woman who could not be conquered .A love that was never forsaken .A land that will not be forgotten .For beautiful Morgan Wakefield, the enchanted land is the ranch in New Mexico her father has left her But the only way for her to inherit is if she lives there for a year with a husband And so Morgan proposes a marriage of convenience to a man she just met hA woman who could not be conquered .A love that was never forsaken .A land that will not be forgotten .For beautiful Morgan Wakefield, the enchanted land is the ranch in New Mexico her father has left her But the only way for her to inherit is if she lives there for a year with a husband And so Morgan proposes a marriage of convenience to a man she just met handsomely rugged rancher Seth Colter.In Seth s powerful embrace, Morgan discovers a passion she never knew existed, and an unexpected new love blossoms between them But devastating challenges and betrayal conspire against these lovers, and they will have to fight for a future together on this wild, enchanted land.

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    1. The book flew at 32%. Life's too short. Sorry, but I must be missing something with this author, I've now gone DNF with two of her books. From looking at the reviews, this heroine is going to get kidnapped again and again, and while I understand that's a common trope in these older romances, with this heroine I. Just. Don't. Care. Freaking annoying how she thinks she's so plain and homely, yet all the men are lusting after her tiny body (club me over the head with how many times I heard how tiny [...]

    2. Wow. If I had a list for "PILE OF CRAP" books this one would be at the top. This was my first Jude Deveraux book (coincidentally it's also the first novel she published) and it was so bad that I don't think I'll be giving her another chance. So, the plot: Due to her father's will, Morgan has to marry and move to the wild wild west for a year so she can receive her inheritance. Enter Seth Colter: big, gorgeous and with a ranch in New Mexico? I don't remember. Morgan, who so far seemed quite smart [...]

    3. Super boring, super simple language, and super repetitive plot. As soon as things get boring/settle down, the chick gets kidnapped! Everyone has to comment on how thin she is, how full her breasts are, how much better her hair looks when it's down, and how she cleans up nicely. Everyone has to misunderstand everything anyone says, feel hurt by it, stew over it, and ruin everything for the duration of that mini-plot. And there was next to no romance in it. It was a very frustrating book, not wort [...]

    4. I picked this up from my e-reader from my local library, wanting a fun, mindless read with a happy ending. Instead, I got a hero that was jealous, selfish, and downright abusive in spots. Halfway through the book, the heroine meets a genuinely nice man who loves her deeply, and he is 'written off into the sunset', which I thought was a real tragedy.The 'villain' in the piece is stereotyped in a borderline racist way, and there is no satisfying denouement to the arc of the villain's story. There [...]

    5. I picked this up because some numbskull on tumblr commented on the strong character of the female lead in this romance book that trumps classic romance book norms. All lies! Morgan is a grown ass woman but simplified and sexualized as a "little girl." I was excited at first by her declarations of independence, stating no man will ever take away what she wants out of life. But as soon as she meets Seth, an older dude who acts like a 13 year old, she goes into a swoon because he's big and manly. T [...]

    6. Gee - verbal, emotional, *and* physical abuse, plus rape, sex trafficking, and racism to boot -- who wouldn't want all that in a romance novel. Plus this whole story is basically built on the notion that "[The woman] needed someone to control her life" - GAH! And apparently, men listen up now, how you do that is by staging a fake kidnapping of a woman who has already been kidnapped twice, gagging her, making her think she's going to be raped, and then stripping her naked so you can lecture her a [...]

    7. Done! Whew, that was a chore. Note to self: steer clear of the older romance novels. That's about all I can say. I didn't completely hate it. I just didn't like it very much. I didn't really care for the ending very much. But I didn't give it just 1 star because parts of it were very interesting and had potential. But things went downhill and just continued to go downhill. I only finished because I had gotten so far into it and refused to let it defeat me. It had potential, but just fell apart a [...]

    8. About now, I thought I am already aware of the cliches in a paperback romance novel. A lady would meet a man -sometimes twice her age - if not troublesome or arrogant or prideful, the man is either so sweet and so kind. Of course all the heroes should be good looking. Then goes the heroine. Of course in each and every story, she must be beautiful and gorgeous. All things are perfect. Perfection is always inevitable. This fact I am completely aware of. But then, I was astounded. This is completel [...]

    9. I like it at first but after further reading, I came to a point where i don't want to read it anymore because of a lot of despicable things that kept on happening to Morgan. She was always being put to a situation where she has to undress herself for everybody's eyes (especially men). I don't like the ending for i think something is lacking to the story. What happened to Gordon?What happened to Joaquin after going to Spain? etc. It's not that satisfactory at all. It's the first time I read a boo [...]

    10. I just love Romance and Adventure and this book had a lot of it.what i loved about this book was that the H/H Meet right away. They became friends they tried resting temptation, and falling in love. Then they were torn apart by, obstacles like misunderstandings, kidnappings jelous high-temper hero as well as a stubborn heroine. And it all add up to a great love story

    11. I have read almost all of Jude Deveraux's books and have thoroughly enjoyed all but this one and the Forever & Always group. This one I almost put down because it truly seemed as if a different author was writing at times. I had no idea this was her first book. It was just bizarre how Morgan kept experiencing the same tragedies and Seth was just a bumbling hot head. Not one I will re-read.

    12. 2.5. This was one of those "big misunderstanding" books. It irritated me because it kept the characters apart for two years. Also,there were so many things that I felt could have been left out. The book was about 50 pages too long.

    13. I was disappointed for the first time with Jude Deveraux this book had stupid mistakes by people who know better not her usual insight into characters.Setting: plantations in south Kentucky (including Trahern House); ranches in New Mexico; brothel in San Francisco; mansion/home in San Francisco;Theme: inner beauty vs outer beauty; bargains made but without anticipating the consequences; jealousy/anger/distrust; loveCharacters:Morgan : born in New Mexico, but mother hated it, and took her to Trah [...]

    14. Rounded up from 1.5 stars. These two fools deserved each other. Seriously, has no one heard of talking/ listening? Or is that only something REAL people do in a relationship? And how many times can one woman be kidnapped? So many characters were added to this novel for the sake of driving the plot. Half of them (and the entire sojourn to San Francisco) could have been omitted/ simplified (and please get rid of the rape/ pregnancy trope!). I'm quite glad that romance novels have evolved since the [...]

    15. The story starts out wonderfully. Seth and Morgan are full of chemistry as their friendship and love grows. There is humor in their banter and I couldn’t wait for their marriage to start working. If you haven’t read The Enchanted Land then I suggest you stop reading because I’m about to reveal some major spoilers. As Morgan and Seth head to New Mexico they encounter a lot of misfortunes – mainly Morgan getting kidnapped. Add in Seth’s raging jealousy and you have the works of a classic [...]

    16. This was an all-nighter for me. First book of Ms. Deveraux and her writing agrees with me.I like that the H/h meet right away, the first 125 pages or so were quite beautiful. You get to see the couple becoming friends, resisting temptations, falling in love. But since all this happened in the first quarter of the book, there must be many, many obstacles for the them to endure. So throw in some misunderstandings, numerous of kidnapping, a jealous/high-temper hero and stubborn heroine and you got [...]

    17. Morgan has been living with her aunt and uncle for the past two years since her mother died. Her father (from whom she was estranged) passed away recently and if she does not marry before she is 25 her inheritance will go to her uncle. But her uncle is planning to take her away to Europe in a few days. He also dressed her in clothing that was ugly and too large so she would not look pretty. She meets Seth Colter at a ball. She hears that he has a ranch in New Mexico. That is where she needs to l [...]

    18. This book had me avidly plowing through it wondering what could possibly happen next to the characters. They got together in an unconventional way but managed to find real love with each other. Due to mistakes on their own parts and other peoples agendas and ulterior motives they kept being separated and reunited multiple times throughout the book and each time in a different way. Morgan truly had a crazy journey from start to finish and it kept me interested the whole time. Seth had plenty of a [...]

    19. Jude Deveraux is my favorite author and I was excited to read her first book.It started off great.However, it was very draggy and amateurish.It felt like she included every possible idea she could into this booktoo many characters and too many plotsthis one book could have been split into four different stories!The book lacked refinementMore than a historical romance, every now and then I felt like I was reading a contemporary one.The difference between her writing in this book and the present o [...]

    20. I have enjoyed jude deveraux for a very long time now, probably 15 years, and I had never read this, her first book. I finally read it and it was a quick couldn't put it down romance. There was a moment where I wanted to stop reading, but I pressed on and really enjoyed this book. Just when you feel comfortable with the romance, it takes a turn for the worse, when you think you know what's going to happen, something completely different happens! You think she's going to zig and she ends up zaggi [...]

    21. I might have enjoyed the story more if it'd been written a few years into Ms. Deveraux's career. The simplistic writing style really pulled me out of the story & left me feeling disconnected from the characters. Two stars for potential, though. Clearly someone saw something in her writing with this book & gave her a chance, which resulted in some really stellar books later in her career.I could have done without Morgan being this teeny, weeny, precious, tiny, little kitten and all other [...]

    22. When Morgan Wakefield finds out she has to marry in order to receive her inheritance, she asks Seth Colter, a handsome rancher with land in New Mexico. Seth is intrigued by Morgan and agrees to the proposition. Morgan thinks they will be married in name only and after a year, they'll have the marriage annulled and both return to their lives. Seth has other ideas. Morgan interests him and she gets prettier and more loveable the longer he is around her.As they travel to New Mexico, Morgan and Seth [...]

    23. This book seems to be early in the writing career of Jude Deveraux. Her later books are more involved and historical in nature. This book is a romance that introduces us to New Mexico in the early days of settlement. Between the kidnappings, frustration, and misunderstandings of the major force in this book, a rich story develops. This book might be early in her career, but show Deveraux to be a fabulous storyteller. It was predictable, and the ending seemed to be a little forced and convenient, [...]

    24. It was SUPER fast-paced.So many things happened in this novel! I feel like there's enough material in here for a TV series, haha. For that, I give the plot and the characterization two thumbs-up :)Being one of Jude Deveraux's earliest novels, I can say that she improved her writing style a lot through the years, *sheepish smile*. A number of sentences made me cringe while reading because they feltwrong. Some words felt wrongfully put together. The whole storyline makes up for it somehow though.

    25. I don't know why I torture myself by reading Deveraux's books. Decent story but too much sadness interspersed for my tastes. About a girl with an inheritance deadline and an uncle determined to keep her from meeting the terms of her father's will in order to gain the inheritance himself by default. The terms she must meet in order to inherit are she must marry by her next birthday and live a year with her husband in New Mexico. Desperate the girl asks a man who owns a ranch in New Mexico to marr [...]

    26. The Enchanted Land lay west of the bluegrass splendors of her Kentucky home, east of the gold dappled salons of San Francisco, beneath the star-spangled skies of New Mexico, and within the powerful and tender embrace of one man. Love had made Morgan Wakefield beautiful, for as Seth Colter's lips lit her heart afire, her tousled hair fell golden, her face blushed amberd men could not live without her.From a Spaniard's captive to a land baron's wife, Morgan endured, for always she held in her hear [...]

    27. MediocreJ.D. has written some wonderful novels. This one was written well, but I did not like the story or most of the characters. The main character was demeaned many times over. what really annoyed me is that only teen aged, skinny girls were described as sexy, while larger women past their teens were depicted as either humorous, evil or stupid. But older men were described as handsome and sexy. The meandering story was kind of irritating, and the double standards and Chauvinistic attitudes we [...]

    28. I was not impressed. This book had too many kidnapping situations and misunderstood actions. It may have ended well but the twists and turns in the storyline were just too sharp and rather outlandish. The only characters I really liked was Theron and Lupita. Our main characters were too flawed for my liking, well maybe not flawed but selfish and unseeing. It made for a book filled with awkward occurrences. I was rather disappointed when I usually like books from this author this isn't one of the [...]

    29. Morgan Wakefield is raised by her aunt and uncle and if she doesn't marry by the time she's 25 all her inheritance will go to her uncle. Morgan's uncle dresses her in ill-fitting clothes and anything else he can think of so she will not be desired as a wife. Morgan just wants to live in her family's home but can't do so without her inheritance. Morgan meets Seth Colter and strikes a deal with him, to marry her for one year so she will get her inheritance and he will receive $25,000 then be able [...]

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